INSPIRING, OUTSTANDING interview! One commenter wrote: “I watched THIS ABOUT 30 TIMES !”

One man who does what’s right no matter what!!!!!!!

– –

36:00 “The globalists are totalitarian thugs. That’s the nicest way of putting it. And they use these federal agencies to inflict pain on those who have the courage to step forward.”

39:40 Solutions that would cut costs by 70-80% — or more when…!

43:00 Personal story when 1-year-old daughter was dying — heard God’s voice say: “focus on prevention. Establish an institute.”

Oprah had him on live, apparently so he couldn’t be censored.

On Trump: “They’re afraid he’s going to blow the system apart.”

ObamaCare and RyanCare is meant to control people. Ryan is controlled.

David gets a visit — a warning directly from the health insurance tycoons.

Ezekiel Emanuel is evil — ‘Dr. Kavorkian!’ [Fox News Hires Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel ‘Dr. Kavorkian’ Obamacare Architect as Contributor]

Story: makes bully congressmen shut up and listen to his speech, which they were talking through.

1:33:00 “It’s all about the money and control.”

1:35:30 “The globalists’ business model is chaos. Everything they touch they want chaos. And they know if they can create chaos and can have everybody at everybody’s throats, they can strip more freedoms and liberties from freedom loving people than if they have everybody’s tranquil, everything’s good, everything’s calm. … It’s their business model to get to their creation of the NWO.”

Soros is more of a mid-level manager under the Rockefellers and Rothschilds; though, David just died.

• • •

Government & Healthcare – No Money in Prevention! – With Dr. David Janda

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