President Trump Has It Wrong on Syria – Assad Did NOT Use Chemical Weapons – Deep State Neo Cons Misleading the President…

We’ve covered the hidden story of manipulation within Syria quite extensively.  And in the example today of Chemical Weapons being used against the Syrian People, all indications do not point toward Bashir Assad doing it.

The entire event looks like an horrific operation by anti-Assad forces trying to create assistance for their regime change efforts by killing their own people.  Yes, they are that desperate; and yes, there are vested interests in the U.S., including the CIA, who would support such an objective.

Remember, as a direct outcome of the Obama/Kerry U.S. policy we have been arming the anti-Assad Syrian elements for several years.   This is not hidden.

With President Obama out of office; with President Trump not supportive of foreign policy based on regime change; and with Trump’s Secretary of State Tillerson saying just a few days ago that “Syrians will determine the future of Syria” the anti-Assad Syrians are now desperate.

There is ZERO motive for President Bashir Assad to weaponize chemical weapons against his people.  Assad’s forces are winning the war, Syria is more stable now than ever in the past six years, Assad has nothing to fear from a Trump administration, and using chemical weapons just doesn’t serve his interests.

However, in their desperation, there is ample motive for the anti-Assad elements to give the appearance of ‘war-crimes’ in an effort to try and gain some desperate positioning in their remaining moments.  Additionally, there is more than ample evidence the perpetual war machine, the Deep State and their alignment with global ideologues, would trigger such an optic.

It is not accidental this happens right after Secretary Tillerson’s statement.

So lets go back and review what we already know as fact – Beyond the U.S. policy change, we must remember that Secretary John Kerry essentially told the anti-Assad forces they would need to pull off this type of a ruse.

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