VERY interesting discussion! One person writes on Facebook:

This is a very important video for everyone, both men and women, to consider regarding sending women into battle.

The Obama Administration pushed a fake “equal opportunity” argument to promote their crazy idea of “gender equality” between males and females thrown into fire fights, and heavy combat war, zones.

Naval Postgraduate School Professor Anna Simons very ably and meticulously “puts the lie” to that assertion to expose the fallacy with plain facts and inarguable statistics.

My notes:

“Everybody knows it’s a social agenda. There is nothing there to benefit or strengthen the military.”

“You can pretend that reality doesn’t matter.”

“Social science taking precedence over common sense”

There’s a lot of data, but it’s being ignored.

Quotas being implemented

It’s not just sex, but emotional bonding.

“Why are we doing this?”

Arthur Shulz’s key points @1:00:10

• • •

Watch here:


MARCH 27, 2017

Women in Combat The Institute of World Politics and the Foreign Policy Initiative hosted a discussion on women in combat. Naval Postgraduate School Professor Anna Simons talked about the challenges and changes to the military since the 2015 decision to allow women in combat units.


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