Mossad and CIA support these rebels to destroy beautiful Syria for Talmudic Israel.

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Mimi Al Laham writes in her Facebook post of this video:

Full sequence of events leading up to and during Suicide attack on civilian buses in #Rashideen which killed 155 ppl and 68 people.
– 4 months ago the ‘rebels’ bombed the previous bus convoy that was meant to evacuate civilians from the town of Fuah. They Promised to do it again “The shi’ites won’t leave here but as corpses”
– Yesterday, second bus convoy was bombed, 150 people, 200 injured, killed 68 were children.
– Witnesses say a rebel truck loured as many children as it could in with potato crisps.
– The media has been completely silent, refusing to blame AlQaeda and even try to imply it was Assad.
– No international condemnation for these “beautiful babies”.

• • •

Rebels Promised To Bomb Buses Evacuating Shi’ite Civilians

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