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FBI Investigating Carradine’s Death

Aired June 5, 2009 – 21:00   ET





PENACOLI: Well, the coroner says the death was abnormal, the death was not natural. And the evidence shows that there were ropes tied around David’s neck and around his genitalia and that they were tied together. And that there is a report — several reports that there were ropes tied around his wrists.

KING: Well, if they were around his wrists in the back, it can’t be a suicide, right?

It can’t be.

PENACOLI: It can’t be a suicide, necessarily. But what I find puzzling is that they’re saying that there’s no evidence that there was any other person or persons in the room. Well, you can’t tie your — your own wrists together and then have what happened happen. So it’s mysterious. And it just keeps getting deeper.

KING: Mark, do you have a read?

GERAGOS: Well, there’s things that you ask of a family member — when did you last talk to him?

Keith has talked to him within the last couple of weeks.

Did he seem like he was depressed?

Not at all. He was very excited. This was, apparently, a short movie stint over there. He was looking forward to getting back here. He just got a car. He’s a car nut. Had just been — being a fellow car nut, I can tell you, you don’t go out and buy a car right before you’re going to off yourself, generally. He was excited about coming back and had talked to his wife the night before.


PENACOLI: You know, there’s a — interestingly, I spoke to another one of Chuck’s clients today — a filmmaker, a director named Damian Chapa, who actually shot a film with David Carradine and — actually two films, right — and was about to shoot another one called “Mount Kilimanjaro.”

But this film called “Bad Cop,” he completed, and I think it’s coming out in the fall. But Damian, I spoke to him at length today. And he said that he also believes that there was foul play. And he said that no one else knows this but his family — Carradine’s family and friends and people closest to him, but David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies.

So whatever that means…

GERAGOS: Which is absolutely — well, what that means is connected to martial arts and his interest in martial arts. And so there is a suspicion that if there was some foul play, that that may be the first area where they should look.


KING: From what you know, what do you know?

PINSKY: I know what you guys were discuss — I learned some things listening to you guys about his hands being tied behind him. I had heard that there was something around his neck.

If somebody is alone — there’s sort of two camps that do these kinds of behaviors. One is somebody who becomes sexually addictive and compulsive. And the other, typically, in my world, is an opiate addict that can’t get satisfaction by normal means. And they will tie something on their neck and lean into it. They won’t tie elsewhere. They certainly won’t tie their hands. It’s pretty telltale.

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