KCC: I must leave soon.

Woman: What should I do?

KCC: What do you feel?

Woman: Hate. Fills the emptiness where my child grew.

KCC: To hate is like drinking salt water. Your thirst grows worse.

Woman: Don’t you understand what I feel?

KCC: I have seen the silkworm. It spins a thread. Thinking itself to be safe, it has spun a tomb. Hate is the tomb you weave. It will not save you from your suffering.

Woman: That’s what I feel. What can I do with it?

KCC: Perhaps there is room to bury your hate in that small grave where we have come from.

• • •

Kung Fu – Hate – S01E04 An Eye For An Eye – David Carradine


All of my Kung Fu – No Hate ’70s Series posts at my personal blog

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