I wrote these two comments on YouTube, giving my explanation for why some people seem to have a higher propensity for evil than others. I also challenge the idea of reincarnation:

Regarding people groups that are known for their evil: I also believe that many people have a HIGHER PROPENSITY FOR EVIL because of their GENETICS. I believe the source of this is shown in the Bible where demons had sex with humans before and after the Genesis flood, producing the NEPHILIM. The flood took care of the first batch, whereas Noah was “perfect in his generations,” so could maintain the pure line. But when it happened again, after the flood, Joshua was told by God to destroy them all and did not (which many think was such a cruel order, but these people were wicked Nephilim).

So because Joshua disobeyed God, the Nephilim bred with some of the Jews and others, producing watered down Nephilim: people with part demon genetics, but less than 50%.

Many people today seem to have these genes. Some are actually physically ugly. Some are not, or had plastic surgeries. Alan Dershowitz could be an example both in how he looks and in how he acts. ‘People’ without conscience make great defense attorneys.

I find it easier to have compassion for them when I consider that they it may be so much easier for them to sin. They’re so different from those who don’t have corrupted genetics.

This explains why Netanyahu can act so nice outwardly while he schemes to destroy US on the inside. There is even video of him saying on tape that “Americans are easy to push around.”

The KHAZARS are probably mostly genetically compromised Nephilim, part demon.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are known to have less fear of consequences and a lack of conscience, and then often crowbar and weasel their way to the top, in-charge-of-us jobs, lying all the way.

Maybe Jesus’ statement about the ‘Jews’ “who say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan” were Nephilim even in the first century, before the Khazars became ‘Jews.’ Maybe Jesus is talking about a genetic problem here while speaking through John the apostle to a church in Revelation:

“I know your works, oppression, and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. – Jesus in Revelation 2:9

I’ve also seen evidence that those who push to the top of ‘Christianity’ as leaders are often Nephilim to an extent. They demonstrate a lack of sensitivity and compassion for people and very little fear of God. They craftily and deceptively with great wit teach false doctrines and push the reverse-Christian wars. They are our pastors and leaders leading many astray.

Many of the pastors have been mind-controlled in boot camp also, by the way. They have hardened hearts, were taught to obey commands to kill without hesitation — which is probably demonic. They have demons in their hearts, and are actually Biblically disqualified to lead according to Paul’s elders’ qualifications.

This is my post on my spiritual blog [I also have an NWO exposing blog, where I tell the truth about the Talmudists, Germany, the ‘Holocaust,’ etc.]:

My theory on the Nephilim: When God told the Children of Israel to kill every man, woman and child in Canaan (the giants), there was this Genesis-6, demon-contaminated genetic problem again? Israel did not; and then there was intermarriage. This would explain why so many seem to be predisposed towards evil — and they become our leaders — even of churches?!!

Regarding REINCARNATION, the NDE, near death experience testimonies need to be recorded right after returning from the dead, or they’ll often forget what actually happened — because humans have survival mechanisms that erase the most horrible memories like what it was like in hell.

Dr. Maurice Rawlings, a heart specialist, was not a Christian until he resuscitated some patients who then told them they were in hell.

He was also General Patton’s doctor, so I wonder if he knows anything about what really happened to Patton after WWII, and if Patton ever told him the truth about WWII.

He wrote this interesting book, telling what he learned from NDE testimonies he heard firsthand after resuscitating patients who went to hell.

Also, the Bible is very clear on what happens to us after we die: “Inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this, judgment.” – Hebrews 9:27

Amazon has a typo here. The publisher is Thomas Nelson. The author is Dr. Maurice Rawlings:


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  1. No, the Khazars were a warlike Turco-Mongol tribe. Yes, they were very violent. We have seen in the 20th century what the Jews do to a nation or people they hate. Consider the millions killed in Russia when the Jewish Bolsheviks ran the nation. As well, look what was done to the Germans during and after the war (WW II).

    But, when you start saying this stuff about Nephilim and all that, do not be surprised when people have a hard time believing you. (We wrote on this literal interpretation stuff in the OT previously on our blog.)

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    1. Larry,

      Most people believe what’s mainstream, and don’t think outside what is commonly believed. So now we have people like John deNugent inventing a new religion because Christianity couldn’t explain what he’s seen.

      It’s sad to see so few have the courage to say what’s obvious. What else can one conclude, given the facts Chuck Missler lays out. From my article linked above:

      7. Post-Flood Implications

      The strange offspring also continued after the flood: “There were Nephilim in the earth in those days, and also after that…” (25) The “Sethite” view fails to meaningfully address the prevailing conditions “also after that.” It offers no insight into the presence of the subsequent “giants” in the land of Canaan.

      One of the disturbing aspects of the Old Testament record was God’s instructions, upon entering the land of Canaan, to wipe out every man, woman, and child of certain tribes inhabiting the land. This is difficult to justify without the insight of a “gene pool problem” from the remaining Nephilim, Rephaim, et al., which seems to illuminate the difficulty.

      Since the children of Israel did not kill them all, inter-breeding then occurred, and this explains much of what we see today.

      Still, I don’t claim this as fact, and call it a theory. But I’ve prayed about it and have considered it for a few decades now, and it makes sense.

      I haven’t mentioned it often, but when I have, the only ones who complained were the manipulator controllers who have this propensity for evil that I’m talking about.

      When I do consider this as a likely reason for their difficult-to-deal-with behavior, it’s easier for me to understand them so I can forgive them.

      Also, these power-over-others people are usually the ones who take charge in business and in the church. But God wants Godly people to lead the church. So those who don’t have this genetic weakness should accept their responsibility to obey God no matter what. And if we’re called to stand up to these people we should, because they’re leading many astray.

      And they’re quick to James-3 curse people too. We need to be aware of their schemes in order to survive and thrive.



      1. The religion of Ezra the priest in 458 BC – when all the old oral traditions and the few books of the OT that were in writing at the time were reworked by Ezra and his allies – is what has come down to us. The wiping out of all those in Canaan by order of God may have been a post facto rationalization or justification for Jewish (Hebrew) atrocities. (As I said above: We know what happens when the Jews hate a nation or people. Consider the millions of Russians murdered at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks. Let us not overlook what was done to the Germans during and after the war.)

        You might want to go check out Tariq’s blog at https://tariganter.wordpress.com/
        His research has the problem as being the Turkification and resulting distortions of all the Semitic religions.


      1. Possibly, because I had a link to another blog for you to look at. Might have gone to your spam folder.
        What has come down to us (in the OT) is the religion of Ezra the Priest (458 BC).


        1. You’re right. It was in ‘Spam,’ but should have been in the ‘Pending’ folder, which I had checked. It’s now above.

          I have found the Biblical text to be very reliable, and have no reason to doubt what was said about the Nephilim and what Joshua didn’t do.

          The Israelites’ bad behavior probably started years later, after mixing with the Nephilim.


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