Now lives in Squamish, British Columbia

13:25 “What we are engaged in is spiritual warfare. … These elitists are engaged in the occult.”

28:00 “A lot of people need to come to this understanding on their own. They won’t feel good about it if they’re being told that this is how things are, because people have a lot of pride. And to be told that what you believe and what you’ve been told all your life is not necessarily true, people have a hard time with that, and they want to come to that realization by themselves. So in my own experience, for example, with waking up my family members, all of them are different, and I took a different approach to each one. My dad, he was interested in finances…, so for him, I gave him a copy of the Money Masters. … With my sister, she’s not into that stuff, but she’s very much health conscience, so I talked to her…. It requires a little bit of swallowing your pride….”

Dan Dicks, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

BILDERBERG 2017 Interview No.1 Dan Dicks

Published on Jun 1, 2017

I interview Dan Dicks , please be kind, it is my first ever interview lol.

Dan’s website

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