Pt. 1 – 33:25 “..the Marxist dialectic, which is just Talmudic dialectic….”

Pt. 2 – 6:50 “Israel also has these ‘Holocaust’ laws. In other words, even the Jews in Israel are not allowed to doubt.”

14:05 “Alan Dershowitz, the smart fellow, he split the expression into ‘free speech’ and ‘hate speech.’ ..’hate speech’ is anything that upsets someone.”

Pt. 3 – 10:40 “The stress [on families of truthers] is too great.”

Pt. 4 – 3:30 Monika Schaffer (& her brother Alfred) doing the right thing, instead of becoming a hedonistic nihilist like so many — easy way out!

11:30 The Talmudists seem to always talk about or show in movies the naked women in the ‘gas chambers’: “naked women — always naked, you know that sexual thing in there.” … And then you go to Talmud, and see the sickness there.”

37:55 “This is what the Jews are doing with Talmud. The hatred that’s in there they’ve expressed towards Palestinians, towards other people.”

45:10 “Now, it’s getting worse with the ‘Holocaust,’ because they’re enacting laws that are protecting a lie. To protect a lie, Brian, that is crippling our minds.”

– Frederick Toben, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

Dr. Fredrick Toben philosophises and reflects on the Holocaust, his life and world view – 1 of 5

Dr. Fredrick Toben founded and directed Adelaide Institute in Australia from 1994 until his imprisonment in August 2009, as a revisionist questioning the Holocaust narrative. Here, in part 1 of his talk with Brian Ruhe he describes his early life and influences.

For the Holocaust “The Truth is no Defense” says Dr. Fredrick Toben – 2 of 5

Dr. Fredrick Toben reflects on the Holocaust, his time in Jail and his world view – 3 of 5

Video of Bishop Williamson on the religion of Holocaustianity.

A Jew on a kubbutz in Israel in the 1970s was the first person to tell Fredrick that the Holocaust was phoney.

He met Albert Speer in 1976, Hitler’s architect.

David Cole and Ernst Zundel and Fred Leuchter.

His investigation of Auschwitz and what a lie it is.

How harrassment by the Jews damaged his family and ended his marriage. His legal battles.

18:00 – His prison experiences. He worked teaching in Nigeria and the Jews are behind their email scams. You’ve got to be nice in prisons or your experience will be difficult.

34:00 – History of the Adelaide Institute. The Germans in Australia don’t support them because they are too scared.

He was kicked out of the Wagner Society in Adelaide.

More on legal cases.

Corection: He quoted Arthur Butz’s book as The Auschwitz Myth – it should have been: The Hoax of the 20th Century. Dr Wilhelm Staeglich wrote “The Auschwitz Myth,” published in 1979; Butz’s book was published in 1976.

Dr. Fredrick Toben reflects on the Holocaust, his life and world view – 4 of 5

He is putting out his next book which is a collection of essays but he is in retirement mode.

It’s not necessary to write more about the Holocaust because it’s been done. What we need now is to raise awareness.

How the Jews discredit people like us, who tell the truth.

Another prison story from Germany.

How the gas chamber story is scientifically impossible. The Jews project their own sick violence from the Talmud onto their victims, the Germans.

15:00 – He never went into this to win. He wanted to share this truth. His family reactions. His mother and sister still believed the Holocaust lies. His mother died while he was in prison in 2009.
He is doing this for others. He fought for 10 years to clear his name.
The Jew, Jeremy Jones started this against him. He has nothing now but he doesn’t miss the materialism he had. He is lucky to have his pension.

The Holocaust is not on the books. There are no laws about the Holocaust. They get you by convicting you of defaming the dead. He was jailed in Australia for contempt of court because he continued publishing.

35:30 – The many meanings of my name, “Ruhe”.

As an educator he taught values. Values should not be relative.

Centuries ago the Jews and the Muslims in Spain raided Europe for white women for their harems. The Germanic mindset is monogamous. 42:30 – His philosophy on getting along with women.

Truth is feared by the liars.

Dr. Fredrick Toben on the Holocaust and Hitler Dating Winifred Wagner – 5 of 5

He translated from German, the book “White World Awake!” by Jurgen Graf. Immigrants men from Iraq and other countries are mating with Germans, English and even worse in France.

The narrative of lies about the Holocaust is so confusing, even in Israel among the Jews.

Deborah Lipstadt won’t debate the Holocaust because she says there is no debate. But on the internet there is a raging debate!

7:40 – The older we get, we fall back on our genetic inheritance. That’s why the international Jews want to transgender this and destroy it.

His brother’s experiment with rams indicated that some animals are homosexual and bi.

11:10 – Fredrick’s theory is that Wagner’s daughter-in-law Winifred dated Adolf Hitler. There are letters between them that have not been released. (In 1933 there were rumours of her marrying Hitler). They shared music. Hitler wrote an opera.

My Thule Society is at and we have a spiritual interpretation of Adolf Hitler but Dr.Toben doesn’t go that far.

Not many of the younger generation is interested in our history revisionism of WW II.

Fredrick finishes with his appreciation of Brian and an expression of the virtues of the peace of mind that comes with our cause.

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