The Talmudic battle plan for the takeover of the world!

Henry Ford was demonized because he passed out thousands of copies, trying to warn the people.

Now, it’s pretty much too late to stop this evil plan, but we can put a kink in it, as we wake ourselves and others up to spend the rest of our lives free internally!

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:28:50 Protocol I – The Basic Doctrine
00:41:07 Protocol II – Economic Wars
00:44:56 Protocol III – Methods of Conquest
00:55:23 Protocol IV – Materialism Replaces Religion
00:59:41 Protocol V – Despotism and Modern Progress
01:07:37 Protocol VI – Take-Over Technique
01:10:37 Protocol VII – World-Wide Wars
01:13:06 Protocol VIII – Provisional Government
01:15:43 Protocol IX – Re-education
01:21:46 Protocol X – Preparing for Power
01:34:39 Protocol XI – The Totalitarian State
01:38:48 Protocol XII – Control of the Press
01:50:14 Protocol XIII – Distractions
01:54:02 Protocol XIV – Assault on Religion
01:57:36 Protocol XV – Ruthless Suppression
02:15:53 Protocol XVI – Brainwashing
02:20:37 Protocol XVII – Abuse of Authority
02:26:28 Protocol XVIII – Arrest of Opponents
02:30:52 Protocol XIX – Rulers and People
02:32:45 Protocol XX – Financial Programme
02:47:46 Protocol XXI – Loans and Credit
02:52:04 Protocol XXII – Power of Gold
02:54:45 Protocol XXIII – Instilling Obedience
02:57:40 Protocol XXIV – Qualities of the Ruler
03:01:28 Commentary

• • •

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Full Audiobook)

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Zionist plan for world conquest or Tsarist hoax? Listen and decide for yourself.

Small, Maynard & Company Edition

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