I’ve watched hundreds of videos on the ‘Holocaust,’ and have published many. This is one of my favorites, by a scientist/scholar, former professor — very clearly laid out truths here!

The ‘Holocaust’ myth is like a spell that has put multitudes into a trance!

An extensive interview with scientist Nicholas Kollerstrom (2008) on his book “Breaking the Spell” published by Castle Hill Publications. Here, Dr. Kollerstrom talks about the persecution and isolation that he has suffered after the publication of his book. (CODOH)

Sadly, since this interview, Nick’s book has now been banned by Amazon, along with about 100 other true-history titles: (video) Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed – Author Nick Kollerstrom

“The greatest lie ever told is disintegrating in our time, and we’ve got to help it disintegrate. And it will be a Copernican revolution when that does fall apart.” – Nick Kollerstrom @ 36:30

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Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom interviewed by Kevin West


Published on Jul 14, 2015

2 thoughts on “(video) Breaking The Spell (of the ‘Holocaust’) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom — “The greatest lie ever told is disintegrating in our time. It will be a Copernican revolution!”

  1. Great interview, Kollerstrorm hits the nail directly on the head. He speaks from a very cogent and evidentiary basis concerning the Holocaust or Holohoax. Breaking the spell is correct, this is the perspective all pan European people need to know, in order to confront the new inquisition. The Reich Was Right!!

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