[Follow-up] Megyn’s hit piece was worse than I thought. She promised Alex it would not be what it clearly was. Alex aired what she told him. She interviewed Alex for hours, but only aired a few minutes. Much of the ONLY-19-minute hit piece was others commenting on Alex.

Despicable! Megyn has zero integrity. And Alex did better than I thought in standing up for the truth and not caving in.

Alex announced they recorded the interview also, so they could fact check NBC’s deceptive editing. So NBC chose to air hardly any of it, to just slam Alex with other clips instead.

Alex may have a lawsuit he could win.

Megyn Kelly isn’t even real:

FOX News’ Fake Infobabes: Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery — The NOSE she originally had was much larger and rounded at the tip • Botox • Implants • Teeth veneers

– –

Interview with Alex Jones by Megyn Kelly will air in 15 minutes on NBC. Tune in to see how MSM treats Alex.

Alex is not a man of integrity who can be fully trusted, yet claims to be a Christian (follower of Christ), but the globalists want to take him out anyway, even when he covers for Talmudic Israel’s manipulation of US to do their dirty business.

Alex has hurt so many truthers, yet he’s still by far the #1 listened to real media talk show host.

We need someone with integrity to rise to the top instead, but Alex is a bull dog who knows how to play the system and does tell the truth about many issues.


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