Many excellent points made in this discussion, and they jump full bore into the truth about the ‘Holocaust’ @ 1:59:00! Thank you, James and Tim!

I transcribed the following quotes:

– –

4:00 “WWII, I consider it to be the best propagandized event of the 20th century.”

1:47:15 Rudolf Hess’ peace proposal flight & Churchill’s horrendous response. Hess was the only man besides Hitler who could have signed a treaty.

1:59:00 The ‘Holocaust’

James Perloff is half Jewish himself. The Perloff family were Russian Jews, originally named Perlovsky (sp?).

“This is the only historical event you go to jail for denying.”

“There is a uniqueness to this particular event which tells you a lot who is ruling over us.”

These work camps, which had barracks, were creating artificial rubber, uniforms, aircraft parts, etc..

2:03:55 Allies bombed the water supply at Bergen-Belsen, where Ann Frank died, so it was contaminated. And the Allies bombed and strafed the supply lines. Typhus, starvation resulted.

2:04:50 “The purpose of these camps was not extermination. The purpose of these [camps] was constricted labor, and unfortunately due to the Allied terror bombing these conditions set in. Now we had our own concentration camps….”

2:11:00 Watch “Stalag 17” with William Holden to see what it was like. Both of the screenwriters had been in the German camps.

2:14:40 “When you just look at fundamental questions of proof, it’s not there.”

2:20:00 “The winners write the history books, and establish who the saints and who the sinners are.”

2:21:00 “Dr. Lorraine Day … believes that one reason why American Christian churches are persuaded to honor the ‘Holocaust’…. They’re actually trying to replace the suffering of Christ on the cross with the Zionists’ own icon of suffering.”

• • •

James Perloff on the Myths of the “Good War”

Published on Jun 3, 2017

James Perloff returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his presentation on the Second World War.  We talk about several myths of the “Good War” and why a revisionist interpretation of that event is long overdue and necessary to avoid another global conflagration.

James is the author of several books including Shadows of Power and Truth is a Lonely Warrior. His website is

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