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I definitely don’t agree with all of this, as my discussion with Brandon partly shows (in the comment section of his video). But this perspective needs to be considered by truthers who blindly accept tyranny from Putin while fighting tyranny here. It really does seem like a cult, a Putin worship cult, a phrase that I think Brandon Martinez coined.

I posted this comment:

Extremely important subject and discussion, yet I find this is one of the most difficult to sort through, because Christopher seems to blame all of the false flags on Russia, while the Mossad and CIA have been behind many, without Russia’s involvement at all. It’s not so black and white in the other direction as Bjerkness claims; though, he brings up many good points. This is not a balanced discussion, but is definitely balancing.

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52:20 “Embracing our enemies as if our saviors, that is really, really weird. And the fact that they react with such vicious anger when I point out the obvious indicates how deeply engrained this brainwashing has become.” – Christopher Jon Bjerknes

1:26:45 Journalists Putin had assassinated!

1:39:52 Bjerknes: “The way that you can deprogram cult members is to confront them with the facts. So we have to constantly involve ourselves with this alternative media so that we can confront them with the facts, and their narrow linguistic programming and cultism can be defeated with the facts.”

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Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Cult

Published on Jul 7, 2017

Brandon Martinez & Christopher Jon Bjerknes unmask the lies, distortions, propaganda, tactics and objectives of the Putin cult.

Get Christopher’s new book on Putin here:…

Martinez’ blog:

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