I’m reposting. Someone should do a video of this important interview so more can hear. I’m pretty sure Jim Fetzer would approve, but it would still be good to contact him to make sure.

The most comprehensive interview of Ernst’s life story that I’m aware of. I’ve listened to almost everything out there. Good job, James!

Ernst is still unable to be with his wife, Ingrid Zundel because the USA won’t let him back into the United States, after the US let Germany throw him in jail because he told the truth about WWII.

Posted with permission from Jim Fetzer: THE REAL DEAL WITH JIM FETZER PODCAST radiofetzer.blogspot.com/2012/08/ernst-zundel.html

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Ernst Zundel

Persecuted & imprisoned for research on WWII

(Right-click on guest name to download mp3)

[For a Mac, hold the ‘command’ key while clicking on Ernst’s name to open the podcast in a new window, and by holding ‘option’ while clicking on Ernst’s name the mp3 downloads, so it can be played in iTunes, etc..]

4 thoughts on “(audio) ERNST ZUNDEL with Jim Fetzer – The HERO Tells His AMAZING LIFE STORY!

    1. Awesome, Jim! I was thinking of you.

      This is a really great interview, talking about Ernst’s childhood, etc., unlike any other videos that I know of so far. I suggested to Jim Fetzer that he could do a video of it, but didn’t seem interested, and said I could post any of his work, which may be his policy in general. Not sure on that.

      Jim F. is so busy, and is involved in so many research topics.

      I think it would be a great tribute to Ernst for someone like yourself to get this out on video, perhaps with a really nice graphic, perhaps of even one of his drawings he did while in prison.

      Have you seen this video yet, done by Ernst and Ingrid, apparently, posted on her channel? Really special!:

      (video) Ernst Zundel: ‘A Spartan of the Spirit’ — Explains how he overcame solitary confinement through art & self-control — Many of his drawings shown! • “Personal sacrifice, suffering, sweat, blood and lots of tears, along with physical and sexual self-control…” https://tobefree.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/video-ernst-zundel-a-spartan

      God bless,

      Jeff :)


    2. Jim,

      Your Jim Fetzer/Ernst Zundel video is OUTSTANDING. I REALLY like the way you did it. Perfect!

      Have you thought about putting it into your Extraordinary Revisionist series? You always wanted to interview Ernst yourself, but that won’t happen now. This could be the next best thing.

      I’ll post it on my blog, but I want to pull out a few quotes first. Ernst actually said twice that this is the first time he told all of this, and apparently it was his last too.

      I think this video deserves to be in your series, even though you didn’t do the interview yourself. You did do the video, and it’s a one-of-a-kind that really tells his life story!

      Thanks a ton!!!



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