2 thoughts on “(video) David Icke Dot-Connector: ‘MONSTERS Inc’ – Amazon, Google and Facebook — “A handful of corporations will control the flow of information….”

    1. V,

      David Icke is an interesting character. He has some way out ideas, but he’s pretty good with big picture analysis. Sadly, he self censors like many now do, to minimize criticism. He sells out events in which he talks pretty much all day long, but doesn’t quite get to the heart of the problem. He doesn’t understand, or want to understand the spiritual aspect. It’s possible that he likes to hear himself talk, since he has this amazing speaking gift. He’s kind of the opposite of Joel Skousen in this regard. Skousen is just about the facts.

      I didn’t know Amazon had such a big market share outside of the selling of books. They’re a real problem currently, as they’ve banned Texe Marrs’ book exposing modern, Talmudic Judaism and almost all of the books that tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust.’

      I’m particularly disgusted with Google, who bought my favorite software program for photography, and is now letting it die. No one else can use its U-Point technology in their software, because it’s patented. About 100 brilliant Germans developed the software, and now Google is sidelining it. They’re only interested in developing the app that works for cellphones, while they’re letting the pro version die, which I just loved. Nothing else comes close.

      So I have a Google category that has 40 posts. These guys are bad news, and are tied with the CIA. They have so much money that they can afford to buy programs and just sit on them. They don’t care what us photographers think. And they *lied* during the first few years after purchasing NIK software, promising they were going to continue to develop it.

      Many photographers and authors are afraid to say anything because they don’t want to get on the wrong side of Google. Photography forum moderators will even block comments critical of Google, which they hardly ever do of other companies.

      Regarding ourselves listening to videos, I often listen at 1.25 and 1.5X speed; even sometimes at 2X speed. This saves me oodles of time, and makes listening more fun when the speakers talk slowly:




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