9/11 Family Feud: Mike Rivero vs Jim Fetzer – Arguing about what really happened

After 16 years, significantly, all truth seekers and tellers agree that jet planes did not take down the Twin Towers plus Building 7. It’s been scientifically proven through peer review papers. And the University of Alaska just finished a study concluding the official explanation for Building 7’s free-fall collapse is false.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have proven the use of nano-thermite at the Twin Towers. Some truthers now claim that mini-nukes were used either instead of, or in addition to — as in Jim Fetzer.

Some even claim that no planes hit the Towers, the “no plane” theory — as in Jim Fetzer.

What’s frustrating to me is how there are too many emotionally charged opinions and not enough discussions, so truthers don’t get on the same page. Mike tells John Stadtmiller (link below) that he and Jim have talked about having a debate, but Mike doesn’t seem to be interested enough for it to happen.

More importantly, a debate, or better yet, a discussion between James Fetzer and Richard Gage (A&E for 911 Truth) could be very fruitful, as long as Jim Fetzer would be open to what the truth really is, instead of emotionally pushing his opinions to win. Truthers need to appreciate each other more.

Also, who did it is more important than how it happened. Few talk show hosts are willing to have Christopher Bollyn on, or everyone would know.

Here is the current feud between Mike and Jim:

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Michael Rivero of the “What Really Happened Show” tells his side of the story here:

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller, September 27, 2017 Hour 1

Michael Rivero joins John to discuss Jim Fetzer and poisoning the well.

James Fetzer of “The Real Deal” And “The Raw Deal” writes his side here:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Michael Rivero blows his cover as a 9/11 gatekeeper

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(vid) Bully Alex Jones keeps kids in custody case despite verdict

Kelly Jones writes:

Thank you all for your support! It’s not over yet. Alex Jones is still using his bullying tactics to keep my children away from me and disrupt my life. Stay tuned for updates like these!


Kelly Jones’ blog: AlexJonesX.com
Kelly’s YouTube page: AlexJonesX
Kelly’s website (says she’ll be updating it soon): SplitCity
Kelly on Facebook: Kelly Jones & Split City
Kelly on Twitter: Split City
Alex Jones Exposed

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(audio) Kurt Haskell w/ Jim Fetzer: Manufactured Race War – NFL kneelers & false flags like Charleston…

Common sense thinking on this TalmudVision created race war.

Why Alex Jones banned Kurt — after having Kurt on multiple times.

What Kurt thinks of Paul Joseph Watson.

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The Raw Deal
Jim Fetzer


9/26/17 Hour 1 – Guest Kurt Haskell (starting @ 27:00)

9/26/17 Hour 2 – Guest Kurt Haskell

The Real Facts On Meat and Cancer

The Real Facts On Meat and Cancer

There has been a media attack on meat recently, and the cheers and jeers are rolling in. Vegetarians and vegans are spreading the message in hopes that people will finally realize that eating meat is an unethical and unhealthy thing to do, and Paleo supporters are fighting the news and proclaiming that eating meat is natural and healthy, and in no way causes cancer.

As usual the devil lies in the details….


So eating meat can have positive health benefits, if it is properly raised and fed, and primarily combined with other nutrient dense and easily assimilated foods, like organic produce.

So can eating meat cause cancer? Yes, if you eat the denatured, processed, and diseased kind, along with other heavily processed and genetically modified foods. However, it can also have a disease preventative effect if it is pasture raised and fed, eaten in smaller portions, and paired with more nutritious and “light” foods.

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75 NFL Kneeling Posts @ Rense.com

I selected the links related to the NFL kneeling protest that are currently up at Rense.com.

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Headline News Stories 24/7

Steven Seagal – America…We Have A Ton Of Enemies Within

NFL May Be Forced To Return Paid Patriotism Funds

Why Didn’t TV Networks Show Angry, Booing Fan During Games

NFL Camera Operators Told Don’t Show Booing Crowd, Protest

Trump – I Think NFL Owners Are Afraid Of The Players
NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose
That Laid The Golden Egg

Trump Slams NFL Owners ‘Scared’ Of Their Players

CNN Cuomo – Trump Telling NFL Owners ‘Control Your Dog

If Football Were Canceled, Would America Go Insane?

Kaepernicks’ Beware – You Can Be Fired For Pol Speech

Trump Urges NFL To Ban Players Kneeling During Anthem

Steelers Coach Sponsored Fundraisers For Hillary

Tomlin Didn’t Want Villanueva To Stand For Anthem

ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers In Worst Month

DirecTV Offering Refunds Over Customer Cancellations

Rat Ryan – Kneeling During Anthem ‘Within Their Rights’

Racist NBA Coach – Whites ‘Must Be
Made To Feel Uncomfortable’

Do NFL Player Protests Before Captive
Audience = BULLYING?

USAA Members Demand Organization Cut Ties With NFL

Cash For NFL Patriotism – Oh PAY, Can You See

Anheuser-Busch To Speak To NFL Over Anthem Protests

Historic US Clothing Company Pulls Ads From NFL Games

Trump Goes Nuclear – NFL Will ‘Go To Hell’

Trump Slams NFL Whose ‘Ratings Are Way Down’
After ‘Tremendous Backlash’

Angry Bannon Blasts NFL & McConnell
Predicts ‘Day Of Reckoning’ For GOP

NFL Posts Job Ad For ‘Crisis Communications Strategist’

Buchanan Asks ‘Will NFL Demand Respect For Old Glory?’

DirecTV To Allow Angry Customers To Request NFL Refunds

Expect NFL Madness To Fumble ‘Big Media’ Empires

Trump-NFL Political Theater – Who’s Winning?

Pro-Kaepernick Army Officer – ‘Communism Will Win’

Most Americans Side With Trump Against NFL Kneelers

Dems Shriek ‘Racism’ Over Trump NFL Remarks – Vid

43 Anti-White, Racist Commercials – Vid

Black On White Violence & Anti-White Racism – Vid

Pro-Kaepernick Army Officer – ‘Communism Will Win’

Get Off Your Knees, Team, To Honor
The Star-Spangled Banner

NFL Rules Require Players To Stand For The Anthem

Open Letter To NFL Players…You’re Being Used

Star-Spangled Anger – NFL Anthem
Boycott Harms US Patriotism

Fans Burn NFL Tickets, Shirts Solidarity With Trump

Angry NFL Fans Lash Out, Burn Jerseys Over Protests

NFL Marketing Machine

Kaepernick’s Islamic GF Makes Him ‘Sympathetic To ISIS’

Kaepernick’s Radical Muslim GF Started Whole Thing

Trump – NFL Comments Had Nothing To Do With Race

Fake News Straw Man Argument, Trump Never Talked Race

Boos In AZ As Cowboys Owner Kneels With Team

Singer In Detroit Takes Knee On Last Word O Anthem

MLB Rookie First To Kneel Before MLB Game

Trump’s Blunt Talk Angers Billionaire Globalist Donors

Buffalo Man Quits 30 Yr Stadium Job After Bills Protest

NFL Stadiums Collected Over $1 Billion In Fed Subsidies

Revoke The NFL’s Antitrust Exemption?

NFLs Top Sponsors Stay Quiet After Trump’s Call for Boycott

Trump Takes On NFL Players And Owners
In Wave Of Anthem Protests – Vid

Trump Goes To War With The NFL – What Happened

Mancott The NFL!

Steelers Coach Raps The One Player Who Stood

NFL Ratings Dropping With increased Political Protests

Trump Calls For NFL Boycott As Players Kneel At Wembley

NFL Players Kneel For Anthem, Stand For Brit Anthem

Steelers Stay In Locker Room During National Anthem
Maybe ALL Teams Take The Field AFTER The Anthem?

West Point Grad Villanueva Only Steeler Out For Anthem

Faux Patriotism – Why Are US Taxpayer Paying Millions To NFL?

Flashback 2016 – Fury Over NFL Player’s 9/11 Tribute Cleats

NFL Owner Shahid Khan Honors Queen, Defiles US Anthem

Patriots Fans Rain Boos On Players For Anthem Protest

NFL Player – If You Don’t Think USA Is Greatest…Leave!

How MSM Controls YOUR Thoughts
‘The Fear Of Racism’ Is A Suicidal Parasite

Football Cries Foul On Trump Over ‘Son-of-a-Bitch’ Comment

Dear Colin Kaepernick, You’re America’s Spoiled Brat

Ex Dem Rep Urges ALL NFL Players To Kneel For Anthem

The Danger Of Patriotism

Trump Demands NFL Chief ‘Tells Them To Stand’ Up