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08:25 QUESTION: “How do you get your patience and your calming demeanor…?” ANSWER: (1) “Part is probably a matter of personality: not to bear grudges. And always try to look forward, because that’s where life is. If you have a backward view of life you’re not getting anywhere. That’s probably the most important thing.” (2) “What balances my life is my family. That’s very important to me to keep me grounded.” (3) And he “blows off steam” through cycling, swimming, rowing and working out.

Discusses the different takings of samples that disproved the Auschwitz gas chamber claim

Part II 30:00 Great caller!!!!!!! Germar runs from the “love of money!” Rudolf offers all of his books online for free!

51:44 “I remember seeing a documentary by a young, Israeli filmmaker — I think the title of that thing is ‘Anti-Semitism’ or so — where he follows the ADL leaders around the world and goes with Jewish groups to Jewish concentration camps, and documents basically how Jews … are deliberately traumatized with these stories in order to keep them separate from everyone else and among themselves, and to be paranoid about being the potential mass murder victim of their environment.” “Orthodox, fundamentalist rabbis” have long been using techniques to achieve these purposes. Now, it’s the ‘Holocaust,’ which encourages Jews to be callous towards other races, and towards revisionists who tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust.’ [Rabbis fear Jews learning that 6 million did not die, that there was no extermination plan, and there were no gas chambers – ed.]

Rudolf’s book discussed in part I:

Resistance is Obligatory: Address to the Mannheim District Court, 15 November 2006 to 29 January 2007 Paperback – May 2, 2012

The inside story of a “thought criminal.” Germar Rudolf was a young chemist with a promising career–a graduate of a Max Planck Institute–who made the “mistake” of telling the truth at a place (Germany) and time (during court) when lies are the only permissible public statements about the holocaust.

When informed he would be sent to prison for his forensic research, Rudolf went underground. He ended up in America, fell in love and was wed to his U.S. citizen sweetheart. However, in late 2005, Rudolf was kidnapped by the U.S. government and deported to Germany to face charges of “holocaust denial.” There he was put on trial for his writings. His defense lawyers were prohibited under the threat of prosecution from filing motions in support of Rudolf’s historical views. All motions directed at proving that Rudolf’s writings are scientific in nature and thus protected by the German constitution were rejected as well. Academics willing to confirm the scholarly nature of Rudolf’s writings were barred from testifying.

Confronted with this kafkaesque situation, yet undaunted, Rudolf gave a brilliant speech in court that lasted seven sessions. In it he elucidated what science is and how to recognize its exemplars. He proved that his writings undoubtedly qualified. He demonstrated moreover why the German laws designed to suppress peaceful dissidents are unconstitutional and in violation of human rights. Furthermore he explained in detail why it is everyone’s obligation to resist in a non-violent way a state which throws peaceful dissidents into dungeons. Unmoved by this, the court sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment and ordered Rudolf’s book “Lectures on the Holocaust” confiscated and destroyed.

This book contains his defense speech, a comprehensive documentation of the motions rejected by the court, two expert reports by historians who could not testify, and a number of gorgeous drawings prepared by Rudolf during his time in prison, 16 of them in full color.

Interviewer, Ron Hall’s YouTube channel

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Germar Rudolf : THE UGLY TRUTH Interview (2 of 2)

Published on Sep 14, 2017

Part 1 of the March 25th 2013 THE UGLY TRUTH RADIO PROGRAMS interview with Holocaust Revisionist Germar Rudolf

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