Scroll down for the sad, but needs-to-be-said video.

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My Notes:

01:00 Rob Jacobson: “Alex is a duplicitous liar.”

[Shane is a friend] “Then Shane Bullis asks…”

“I agree they never touch Israel.”

03:45 I don’t understand how Rob *Dew* continues to help Alex go the wrong direction. I’ve often thought a lot of Rob, but somehow he supports the Infowars machine.

Rob *Jacobson* helped Alex in his debate with David Duke. Double teaming David, Rob and Alex lied about Saudi Arabia controlling the banks and the media instead of the Talmudists.

05:28 Aaron Dykes and Millisa Melton: how the non-disclosure agreements Alex made them sign keeps them quiet.

08:00 Anthony Gucciardi: “To him [Alex], the only thing that matters is his fame and his power in the industry or whatever.”

08:40 Kurt Nimmo sees a shift in Infowars to now be a pro-Trump propaganda outfit. The video quotes The Daily Beast article: The War Inside Infowars — The conspiracy hub has become a clubhouse for Trump fanboys—and a former employee is crying foul.

Since his exit, Nimmo has noticed the general framework and voice of the site shift into becoming essentially a pro-Trump propaganda outfit—something that he perceives as an abandonment of Infowars’ initial focus on the “New World Order,” or as Jones would call it, the establishment.

“I disagree with Alex Jones on Donald Trump,” Nimmo said in an email to The Daily Beast. “I believe Donald Trump is an enabler of crony capitalism, the same as his predecessor. I also believe he will not end the wars started by Bush and continued by Obama. I cannot support a man who will further war and murder. Alex Jones has more or less ignored this and considers Trump a patriot and a defender of the Constitution. This is clearly wrong.”

“Support for Trump also means supporting waterboarding, killing the families of suspected terrorists, squandering trillions more on a bloated military, supporting Israel despite its crimes against humanity, omitting Saudi Arabia from the list of terrorist states, and further militarizing police in the U.S.,” Nimmo told The Daily Beast. “Alex Jones previously opposed most of these things, with the exception of Israel, which he has refused to criticize.”

“If we are to judge Paul Joseph Watson by his editorials and tweets, he is an Islamophobe little different than Geert Wilders or Pamela Geller,” Nimmo said, referring to the Dutch politician and the writer who both share anti-Islam sentiments. “He has embraced the alt-right philosophy on Islam. I disagree with this. The United States government and the military-industrial complex are far more threatening to our liberty than a gaggle of crazy Islamists, many supported by the CIA and Saudi Arabia. … He wasn’t claiming back then Islam would destroy the world. In fact, he wrote radical jihadis were created by the CIA and British intelligence. Guess he doesn’t talk about that much anymore.”

“I don’t know if revealing this is part of the confidentially agreement, but I cannot consent to Watson lying about it [him],” Nimmo continued. “I was told by other former employees he was also angry about my repeated requests for health-care insurance. My wife and I are in our mid-60s and I find it unconscionable for a multimillion-dollar operation not to provide health insurance for employees. I merely do not wish for the article to say I was let go due to poor work performance.”

13:35 Luke Rudkowski and David Icke [not a former employee]

16:28 Jason Bermas video statement

17:28 Ron Paul [not a former employee] rebukes Alex!

18:00 Wayne Madsen with Richie Allen: Alex is trying to please Hollywood to get a program on cable. and a bigger audience.

22:15 Jack Blood tells how Alex is fake. Jack was employed before Alex had employees sign the NDA. My article has the full audio of Jack’s long revelation: Alex is in trouble! Has a lack of moral character split the main resistance to the one-world government?

23:45 “Alex Jones: Kosher Ham” cartoon. WoW!

Adam Green, producer of this video — almost an employee: “We have to get all the new alternative media people off the Alex Jones reservation and focused on real truth, not a compromised shill.”


Alex Jones has allegedly married “Jewish escort / yoga instructor Erika Wulff in Jan, 2017” • “Had been utilizing Erika Wulff’s escort services since at least early 2013” • While calling himself a ‘Christian’ and gatekeeping for Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel

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Infowars Employees Expose Alex Jones

Published on Oct 4, 2017

Former Alex Jones employees and guests speak out about the big problems going on at Infowars Featuring: Rob Jacobson Kurt Nimmo Anthony Gucciardi Aaron and Melissa Dykes Luke Ridkowski Jason Bermas David Icke Wayne Madsen and Jack Blood

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