Rene, your courage to speak up gives others the courage to speak up.

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AWESOME testimony! Courageous and honorable people out there! Just Wonderful!!!

The shots happened 30-35 minutes after the Mandalay Bay event.

Rene Down’s exemplary, Marine husband‘s statement at 30:00.

Related: Rene’s Viral Facebook video that has 1.6 Million views, where she writes:

This was NOT all done by 1 shooter. Watch til end. News and LVPD are not reporting this correctly.

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Rene writes on her Facebook post of this:

“People are being told lies,,,WHY?! ….Well,,, here is the story from my couch.

# 1. There was no way that metal stanchions falling sound like gunfire.

2. Stainless steel and glass signboards are all throughout lobby, all knocked over, and glass was broken.,,,, I hope this clears up any rumors from others.

Rene also just posted this video on FacebookFull Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dispatch Scanner Audio Mass shooting (Warning Graphic), saying:

At the 1: 19: 00. (1hour 19 min) mark you will start to hear radio traffic regarding gunfire and armed suspect around Bellagio, Caesars Palace and crossing the street to The Paris Hotel. Listen all the way to the end. The whole recording is so sad.

Someone posted these highlights:

at 14:10 [Here, Rene was quoting what her friend said – ed.] “We were there, my cousin got shot, and they were at the hospital” I’m still watching this, scanning actually, i’m short on time. Oh wow, listen at the 19 minute mark how the staff reacted to her marine husband and her leaving the hotel the next morning….unreal. Then at 25:25, she gave an interview and then heard the spin of the slice they did from it….like she might have misheard echoes….at 26:24 “unless these were miracle bullets….” at 27:45 [Rene was quoting another lady’s statement here – ed.] “They were some of my closest friends, they were there and she got shot” at 40:25 “We were told there were 7 confirmed shooters and confirmed deaths at multiple hotels including Bellagio, Aria, and New York New York”.

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The Bellagio: What happened?

Streamed live on Oct 6, 2017

I interview Rene Downs, who was in the lobby of the Bellagio hotel and recorded this video:… We get her story, and he testimony of what happened that evening

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