World Affairs Brief, October 13, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Shots fired at other hotels: Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand about this entire affair is the complete denial of the media that there were other shots fired in other casinos. I can see why the FBI would want to cover up the fact that there were at least two other shooters attacking the crowds at the parking lot festival (to promote the lone shooter claim), but how could they think to cover up multiple shootings at multiple hotels in Las Vegas, with hundreds of witnesses? But that’s what is happening. In last week’s brief [which I posted here – ed] I covered the video of a witness to the shooting at the Bellagio hotel that broke much of the glass in the entry lobby. Here is another update from that witness.

There is ample evidence of additional shootings at other hotels:

A young fellow and his girlfriend [Gio Rios – ed] recount in this video, their escape from the Festival shooting. They tell of hearing shots coming from the Hooters or MGM Grand hotel [I think Gio was saying from that direction – ed]. After fleeing the scene, they were herded into the Tropicana hotel, where they see a muscular, swarthy skinned guy—in a black shirt, short hair, big, muscular, with a briefcase, trying to herd them all into the casino. He says “he looked like he worked there,” but when confronted the man said he didn’t.

The person making the video, though in his young 20s seems very credible and sincere. He talks without pauses, without trying to carefully craft his sentences and clearly makes his points without contradiction. He confronts the guy with several questions like, “Why can’t I go out that way?” The guy responds, “No, you need to go into the casino.” He asks him “What’s in the suitcase,” and “why are you telling me to go into the casino, and why can’t I go out?” He noted that the big guy was calm unlike everyone else in a panic. Then, just as the guy is about to open his suitcase and show him what’s inside, 3 bursts of automatic weapons fire open up inside the Tropicana Casino where he was trying to get them to go. Strangely, rather than flee the shooting like everyone else, he watches this guy run into the casino. He correctly concludes this guy must be some type of mercenary or police.

Jeff Rense thinks this guy was a Mossad agent or someone involved with the mass shooting operations. After fleeing the Tropicana, the witness says he sees shots fired outside the NY-NY or Excalibur casinos—not inside.

Jeff also things the Las Vegas gambling establishment (which owns the local press) suppressed all these other shootings in order to protect the city from scaring people away. If so, this has to be a major cover-up because of so many witnesses to shooting in these other casinos.

I remember hearing an NBC reporter explaining why they don’t cover these kinds of “rumors” (other shooters), because “We don’t cover anything that can’t be confirmed with official sources.” Really? –Even if you have eye witnesses that you can interview and verify on your own? We know the media does investigative reporting all the time, outside of police claims, so this is clearly an excuse.

More Evidence of Other Shooters: the most interesting technical analysis that came out this past week was by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) who did some “forensic acoustical analysis” of the gunfire to prove that shots were coming from two different distances. Adams has a scientific background and works for a lab, so he definitely comes across as very knowledgeable. Better yet, he takes you step by step through his analysis:

He picked up on something I had heard but didn’t recognize. As the shooting begins before any shots are heard, you hear in all the videos at the parking lot a staccato series of ticks—which turn out to be high-pitched sounds of the bullets striking the pavement when they miss people. By comparing the difference in time between the impact (ticking sounds) and the actual sound of the shots (sound travel slower than the bullets) he can prove that some shots come from a shorter distance (250 yards) than from the Mandalay Bay hotel 550-600 yards).

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