WARNING: Scott Binsack has some serious character issues, seriously. He should not be trusted. Once a con, always a con, especially with the attitude he displays. Nevertheless, he breaks key info that is worth looking at very cautiously.

 Jake Morphonios did two exposé videos on Scott that he’s since deleted, after Scott pressured him, which he discusses in this video — acting like he’s innocent and how he should be trusted.

Just be careful with this guy, and don’t join MFA, or he’ll likely take your shirt, based upon his shady past.

Mr. Binsack did a live video chat on his Facebook page on 10/19/17. In my notes here, I transcribe key quotes, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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My Notes:

04:54 “There’s a major disinformation campaign going on. I was attacked by I won’t say his name, but he’s pulled down videos about me that he made that were very false.” [He’s talking about Jake Morphonios from the End Times News Report, whose two videos (which I posted here) about Scott seemed 100% correct, which included news reports of Scott’s crooked past, and how Scott used Jake’s material in one of his recent videos without giving Jake credit. Jake probably pulled the videos because Scott threatened to sue him, and didn’t want the legal hassle and expenses.]

Scott then says about Jake: “that’s not the disinformation person,” after saying Jake’s videos were “very false.”

06:35 Scott says he normally doesn’t shoot video on Facebook, because he can’t easily keep people from saying things he doesn’t want said in the comments. He disables comments in his YouTube videos.

08:00 “Be careful,” Scott says. “Do not pay attention;” don’t listen to anyone saying anything negative about me. This is how cult leaders operate. He says Roger Stone is involved in trying to smear his name.

08:45 “Helicopters were used in this shooting.”

“There was a FEMA training going on. … It’ turns ugly, and gunmen turn into real gunmen … hitmen dressed up as security guards.

“They know Paddock is running guns.” FBI and ATF was involved with that. The room next-door is all wired. They were going to monitor this gun sale.

13:45 Where are all the “500 injured?” The body count was already stated before the injured  were counted. “I’m not saying that certain people did not get killed or injured in this. But it’s not the amount that you think it is.”

23:35 “I’m the go-to person to see if the evidence is real or true or not.” [Trust me to tell you what and how to think.]

23:45 Scott’s upside down Christianity: “I have people messaging me: ‘Scott, stop saying the word f—. God is this; Christians are not going to like you, please….’ I can assure you, I died, 4 minutes. God does not care about [says multiple expletives]. … God is energy…. “There is good and there is evil. You’re not evil because you curse. You’re not evil because you’re masturbating and have to give 50 hail Mary’s. … I grew up Catholic.

31:50 “Ellen … that is not Jesus Campos. …is an operative. … The original picture may not be of him either.

37:00 Mandalay’s windows don’t open, and attach from the outside. A hammer won’t smash it.

38:00 Not one bullet came out of Mandalay.

45:00 Who did it? Mossad/CIA. | 500 weren’t injured

1:04:45 No drones; helicopter involved; 12-man hit team. And some of this went south because “the police … shot some of these people. … They dropped them. … Especially at gate 7.”

“There were definitely on-the-ground shooters. There was definitely a helicopter with two shooters. … And there was only one helicopter. … There was a shooter from the Tropicana involved in this.

1:06:00 The video from the Tropicana, “that’s a real video.” “People think that’s SWAT.”

1:08:15 Paddock may still be alive. “The guy on the ground is not Paddock.”

1:12:35 “…Jesus Campos was not even an employee there. …housekeeping was told not to come in that day. …there’s no fourth floor shooter. … That’s a reflection … to show where one of the main gunmen was.

Scott was the first guy to show the towers’ shooting location, that I’m aware of.

1:15:10 Says he won’t go to hell for saying profane things.

1:16:45 Yet says: “Say some prayers.”

1:18:55 “You’re going to see another major false flag event or matter, like they used Harvey Weinstein to distract from Las Vegas. … They’ve known about Harvey Weinstein and all of this, and they threw him to the wolves, and because they needed a big distraction….”

1:19:40 “Why do you think they picked this black pyramid, the Luciferian black pyramid….” “We live virtually in the Matrix.”

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