What truth movement leader requires the signing of an NDA just to join?

Alex Jones now requires his employees to sign a NDA, and many former employees have talked anyway.

When people are on the up and up, NDAs aren’t needed.

Once a conman always a conman?

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MFA Underground Membership

***YOU MUST BE VETTED FOR THIS PROGRAM & SIGN A CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT – If you do not get vetted you will be refunded your money***


Scott Binsack also disables comments on his YouTube videos, and indicated that he blocks those whom he considers trolls on his Facebook page. I haven’t seen even one negative comment on his Facebook page. I thought he must have someone vigilantly erasing the comments as they come in, but I heard him say (I think on yesterday’s Vimeo video) that he “blocks” trolls, whom is probably anyone who says anything negative.

3 thoughts on “Why does Scott Binsack require signing a *non-disclosure agreement* to join MFA Underground?

  1. I am one of the many “trolls” that Binsack blocked! The old MFA logo(that I myself created) that he’s using to sell products is NOT HIS..it is a trademarked logo belonging to separate entity….I do believe that is trademark infringement and ILLEGAL! But does that surprise you? I didn’t think so.

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  2. A con who went to prison over bilking money from people, who has now found a new way to make a buck online.
    He blocks people so that his faithful followers don’t have the truth presented to them. Everyone who watched him while the dissenters had pages up exposing him, remembers him telling us all not to go to their page. He knew if the truth about him got out the donations and wire transfers to his bank account will dwindle.
    Dawn his faithful sidekicks full time job is deleting comments that spill the beans, or disagree. The lies he spews have to be horrible to keep up with. He’s rich, he is in the mafia, he owns all these homes, his IQ is 150, he has sources everywhere, he has attorney’s filing criminal charges against the “haters” the 25 yrs of law he claims to have should have told him that, it isn’t libel or slander when it is public information that is truth, such as court documents or published articles.


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