2 thoughts on “(vid) Corey Feldman pleads for his life: “Hollywood pedophiles are trying to kill me!”

  1. This sexual abuse of Hollyweird personalities has been going on for the past hundred years….interesting how it’s all come to a head now. What are the Jews up to?
    Nothing happens in Hollyweird unless the powerful Jews allow it….I have a hard time believing “We the People” have caught them in the act.


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    1. Good point! What are they up to, and why now?

      It’s great that it’s coming out finally! But few people realize the Talmudic factor, and how the protagonists are almost always ‘Jews,’ who think they can do whatever they want to non-Jews, because they’re a superior race, and others aren’t even truly human, according to the Talmud. They debauch humanity through TalmudVision (TV), and then hide behind the ‘Holocaust’ if they ever get called out.

      I know you know all of that, but it’s so awful, and not enough yet know.

      Since I’ve been focusing on Vegas lately, trying to crack this nut, they needed something major to distract people from the Vegas massacre. Many think they had this Weinstein info for a long time, but just decided to make it a big deal now.

      That could be one reason. Powerful Talmudists have a lot of money to be gained through this Vegas incident, if the naked body scanners are implemented in hotels and public places nationwide.

      Vegas is a big false flag and needs to be exposed. The country music people, especially, could get kicked into high gear once they find out what was really done to them in Vegas.



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