It’s clear from this high quality video and other links below that this is not Prince Salman, but this off-duty Tropicana security guard. His tattooed legs, baseball shoes, S2N shirt, carrying a radio, branches off from team at end — all tell the story with photo evidence galore.

What is said to be his statement.

“Yes. This is me in that video. …

I’m the graveyard security manager and I’m the one in the white softball jersey (my assistant in the suit)…. I was playing softball and got the call to report to work…. It was like a war zone…. SWAT told us to follow behind them as they were going to the front and the Casino hadn’t been cleared. There were reports of active shooters at the Tropicana, the Luxor, MGM, Excalibur, Bellagio and Aria. They were making sure everyone’s hands were empty and in the air while sweeping to the front. We just followed their orders and once we got to the front desk, we broke off as our office is over there.”

Also see: (vid) Binsack: Key Tropicana Witness Kevin Returns To Answer Scott’s Tough Questions On His Videos

The guy wearing the softball outfit in the back with the small gun case is named Jason Buff. He is security and was called in because of the shooting (he was coming from either a game or practice)

Guy’s name is Jason buff. You can look up his FB and add him and talk to him. He works as security guard at Tropicana.

EDIT: Orange Cleats – Orange Cleats

Tattooed legs legs [video below shows legs clearer at 00:29]

The logo on the shirt “S2N” also gives a clue that its Jason Buff. (S2N is a custom baseball glove company

S2N photos on Jason’s Facebook page.

6 Police with one unknown:
The three guys in green in the front, including mohawk, have the same 7-pointed, bright star-like object on their uniforms. The six seem to have the same patch on the left shoulder, and the guy in tan nothing. Who is he?

Watching the video at .25x speed:

‘POLICE’ can be read on the chest of the yellow shirt guy at 00:20 & 00:22, and on the hat of the last guy at 0:28.

Jason is ready to talk into his radio at 00:17.

Notice the tattoos on legs at 00:29, and compare to this pic of Jason Buff. Bingo!

Jason’s face is easy to see at 00:28.

SWAT team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting

Published on Oct 2, 2017

A SWAT team is scene in this video entering the Tropicana after a shooting Sunday on the Las Vegas Strip. The video was shot from inside the hotel.

Courtesy Jay Paloma of Cerritos, who said he had just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas with friends.

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