9 thoughts on “(vid) Jake: Why the Flag and the National Anthem Still Matter

  1. Honestly IMO, the National anthem and Flag etc…is all part of creature worship, the creature being the country.
    So what country would Jesus vogue for? What people? 99 9ths of people are considered apostates in my book. As Jesus said…The road to life is narrow and cramped and few are the ones on this road.

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    1. Jim,

      I think you’re right. I’ve been personally pretty disgusted with the flag lately. I remember pledging allegiance to it every morning in grade school. And then when people grow up, they think joining the military and killing whomever the government says to is right, because they’re honoring the flag — while destroying all of those lives of people who are under other flags, for a Satanic, Talmudic goal, reverse-Christian, horrible goal.

      Jakes’ points help bring me back into thinking there still may be some good in the symbol though.

      I no longer believe in pledging allegiance to our flag. We need to obey God no matter what, not the government whose politicians sign a pledge with Talmudic Israel to support them no matter what.



        1. I don’t remember seeing that. If you have a link to an article or video on that, I’m interested.

          I definitely agree with this, which I transcribed in 2007 from a message by Greg Boyd:

          “It’s normal for the kingdom of the world to consider the boys in body-bags on our side more important than the boys in body-bags on their side. But from a kingdom of God perspective, we would consider all body-bags to be equally tragic.

          The kingdom of the world is always involved in conflict, because it’s a power-over kingdom, and if you’re getting in the way of my power-over we’ll have to go to war over this. And usually in the kingdom of the world you demonize your enemies to rally up power against them.

          But in the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. We’re forbidden to have enemies of flesh and blood. The ones who think that they are our enemies, we are commanded to love them, to serve them, to lay down our life for them.

          While the kingdom of the world is about conflict, the kingdom of God is about reconciliation.”

          – Gregory Boyd
          Pastor of Woodland Hills church in Minneapolis

          “Greg Boyd: In the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. All body-bags are equally tragic.



        2. I still do believe in self-defense as a last resort though. But James Perloff has proven that almost none of our wars, including the Revolutionary, were really about self-defense or were just.



        3. All wars are Bankers Wars. The only wars if you want to call them that that wouldn’t be with somebody coming into your home trying to harm you which you have a perfect right to defend yourself but other than that going out to defend any country is contrary to what the Bible says.



        4. What if you lived in a country that had prospered because it threw out the evil Talmudists who were controlled the money, the media, etc., to destroy the nation from within.

          And you also had Talmudic Communists to your east who had also infiltrated the government and wanted to destroy your nation.

          If both countries attacked yours, would your country not have a right to defend itself?

          Sadly, what happened in Germany was not this clear cut, and Hitler made a lot of mistakes, with the people not insisting he be more careful. [We know that the Tamudists wrote the history, where Germany was all bad and the Allies all right.] But I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where a country doesn’t have the right to defend itself, if the cause is just — which in the USA, has hardly ever happened.

          What if a wagon train (a group of families) were traveling through Indian country in order to settle far in the western United States back in the day. If the Indians attacked the camp, do the settlers have a right to defend themselves?

          What is the difference between defending one family or many families?



        5. Again defending yourself from predators that are trying to hurt you is a big difference then going to war for a country.
          Let’s not forget that Jesus said he who lives by the sword dies by the sword he was not encouraging Christians to engage and fighting for any country.



        6. I see, Jim.

          I think I misunderstood. I thought you were saying we could defend our family home (one house), but not our country if someone invaded us.

          That’s good, and that’s what I was saying too.



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