(vid) Dr. Mercola and Dr. Gundry on Plant Lectins — Cutting Edge Health Tips!!!

Also see Mercola’s related article: How to Reduce Lectins in Your Diet

My Notes:

Dr. Gundry intermittent fasts for 22 hours a day from January through June, eating 2 meals a day during weekends.

Overload with carbohydrates once a week.

Caseine A 1 milk bad. Caseine A 2 milk okay. Dairy Association fighting awareness.

Wheat germ bad in whole wheat flour. White flour may be better?

Glyphosate – Roundup screws up people big-time! People visiting Europe do better because Roundup banned there.

People with the highest omega-3 index have the largest brains with the largest areas of memory. So vegetarians can be shrinking their brains by avoiding animal fats.

Omega-3 from plant sources do not provide the same benefits as that from marine animals, as the omega-3 found in plants can’t be converted by your body into the omega-3 you find in marine oils

Eating fruit year-round a good idea??

Fruits are picked unripe having a high lectin content, then are ethylene oxide gassed to appear ripe. Fruits allowed to ripen on the vine eliminate the lectins.

Antibiotics taken directly or via the animals we eat are destroying us.

Anti-inflammatories like Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, etc. denude the gut wall and radically increases risk of heart attack and stroke! “Like eating a hand grenade.”

Helped Tony Robbins.

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(audio) Jeff & Ted Broer – Sabbatean Kabbalist goal to destroy Christianity for world control!

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BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years…

(Natural News) A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.

Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the current year.”

The study proves yet again that the official narrative of the flu shot industry — and its complicit corporate-run media — is false and deliberately deceptive. Far from offering bulletproof protection, flu shots actually make people more vulnerable to influenza infections, which of course contributes to more people catching the flu and then falsely thinking they need more flu shots for “more protection.”

Yet it is the flu shots themselves that are leading to an increase in influenza infections. The flu vaccine, in other words, perpetuates the myth that flu vaccines are needed by ensuring influenza spreads more rapidly than would otherwise occur. In effect, flu vaccines spread the very infections that generate more demand for flu vaccines. The structure is a “perfect” self-perpetuating medical hoax rooted in fake science and relentless media propaganda.