(vid) Jason Goodman with Mike Adams The Health Ranger launching Real.Video after YouTube banned Natural News

Will Mike suddenly quit again when the going gets tough, like how he betrayed everyone with TalkNetwork, NEVER EVEN APOLOGIZING:

Mike Adams Destroys TalkNetwork, Betrays Hosts, Cancels Everyone — The news came as a blow to the hosts, who had worked so hard these past months to make TalkNetwork great • Mike needs to come clean and apologize!

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Big Pharma Pushing Feds to Bar Americans from Using Natural Remedies; How to Fight Back

FDA Bureaucrats Seek to Restrict Access to Homeopathic Medicines

… And what we can do to STOP THEM.

Summary:   Guidelines now being proposed by the FDA would restrict the public’s access to Homeopathic remedies, benefitting BIG PHARMA, but  harming Americans who should continue to have unregulated access to these healing products. Federal law does not give the FDA the authority to apply the rules designed only for toxic pharmaceuticals to nontoxic Homeopathic remedies. The FDA’s only job is to ensure that products are manufactured according to legal standards and are properly labeled. The rules and regulations governing Homeopathic remedies that have been in place for most of the last century are more than adequate to protect the public.

Late last year, the FDA proposed new guidelines for Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic (Draft Guidance Dec. 2017), disregarding federal law and usurping the right of American people to use historically available health-enhancing products of their choosing. Rather than promote the public welfare, these guidelines, if implemented, will injure countless individuals and the nation’s health. At the end of this article, I delineate the specific threats posed by these proposed guidelines and explain how greater regulation would place unnecessary restrictions on safe and beneficial Homeopathic products. Lastly, I explain how to file comments on-line with the FDA, where comments are due by March 20, 2018.

If you don’t have the time to read this entire article, but you understand the importance of continued access to Homeopathic Remedies — please go right to the end of this article and file your comments with the FDA.

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