(audio) Kurt Haskell UNBLOCKED – What is a False Flag Event? – Kurt’s 41-POINT LIST how to spot a False Flag

Kurt’s analysis of Sandy Hook is especially interesting @ 39:25

Fort Lauderdale drill @ 36:25

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Kurt Richard Haskell, “Underwear Bomber Witness”, was on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, the target of a failed al-Qaeda bombing attempt on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009. Talking with Rachael L. McIntosh and Rob Ossell of http://www.shadowcitizen.ONLINE (02.15.17), Kurt discussed how to spot a ‘false flag’ – which is a covert operation designed to deceive in such a way as to appear as though it is being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed it.

KURT’S LIST how to determine if you are presented with a False Flag Event
1. The perpetrators have had recent arrests and have gotten very lenient sentences for what they were charged with.
2. The government has been warned of the attack and done nothing to stop it.
3. Eyewitness accounts differ on key details from the official version.
4. The perpetrators don’t go to trial (dead or escape).
5. A victim from the crime that should have been killed miraculously lives to give out details of the event.
6. Key video is hidden. Still pictures, which are often grainy or unclear are released to support the official story.
7. The perpetrators are tied to ISIS or Syria.
8. The perpetrators are identified in record time.
9. Dropped identification of the perpetrators is found.
10. DNA from the perpetrators is found in too many places and is run through lab tests in record time to make an identification.
11. The attack was on or in public transportation.
12. The amount of dead shrinks as the event plays out.
13. New laws or military action take place as a result of the event.
14. The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.
15. The country where the event took place has recently irritated Israel in some way.
16. The event and perpetrators are set up to cause conflict between several different religious, ethnic or sexual orientation groups.
17. The term “assault rifle” is widely used to describe the perpetrators weapon by eyewitnesses.
18. The friends and family of the victims do interviews that are not believable.
19. Suicide vests are used and at least one doesn’t detonate.
20. One or more bombs do not detonate.
21. A gun jams, thereby saving someone from death.
22. An unbelievable hero story is released by the press on day two, usually accompanied by a gofundme account.
23. A manifesto is released by the perpetrators.
24. A drill is taking place at or near the event at the same time.
25. The US Government gives an incredible amount of money to the victims families.
26. Obama appears at a funeral for the victims
27. Little to no amateur cell phone video footage of the event is released.
28. The perpetrators have recently disappeared for at least two months.
29. An online video is found of the perpetrator acting crazy.
30. The details of the event make it impossible to not be reminded of other recent false flag events.
31. Friends and family members suddenly change careers to become professional anti-gun lobbyists.
32. The perpetrators wore body armor or it is found at the scene.
33. Former military members play key roles in the event in some way.
34. There is little to no proof that anybody died or was injured.
35. Federal agencies are on the scene in record time and numbers that would not normally be possible In a short time period without prior knowledge.
36. Federal agencies take over the scene even though it is an event not normally under their jurisdiction.
37. Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. immediately “find” evidence that ties the perpetrators to radical Islam.
38. No tears are shed by family members in the immediate aftermath of the event.
39. Footage from other events is passed off as actual video from this event.
40. Unverifiable social media posts pop up immediately after the event to point the finger at the perpetrators.
41. Witnesses indicate at least one perpetrator said “Allahu Akbar.”

Kurt Haskell UNBLOCKED What is a False Flag Event? Overview by Survivor

(video) BREAKING – CNN Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN & Most Other MSM Outlets

BREAKING – CNN Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN & Most Other MSM Outlets


Google and Facebook Are Not Really Private and Shouldn’t Do as They Please With Independent Media — Companies that owe their existence and direction to public intelligence agencies are not private. They ought not to be run as if they were • “Google is secretly in league with government and was started with CIA financing” – Joel Skousen

“Google is secretly in league with government and was started with CIA financing.” 

– Joel Skousen, WAB 3/10/17

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From: The Daily Bell

Google and Facebook Are Not Really Private and Shouldn’t Do as They Please With Alex Jones and NaturalNews.com

Google really isn’t a private company. If it continues to attack alternative media like Alex Jones and NaturalNews.com, it may find lawsuits headed in its direction. The same may go for Facebook too.

By portraying itself as a private company, Google can do as it chooses, when attacking companies that don’t live up to its standards from an advertising point of view.

It can help cut off companies that don’t properly advertise according to the Google rule book. The rule book is general and vague. But Google is supposedly a private company so it really doesn’t matter. Google can do pretty much as it wants. And so can Facebook.

Yet there is plenty to rebut this perspective. The best or most comprehensive article on Google along with the CIA and Pentagon is an Insurge Intelligence article entitled, How the CIA Made Google.

It shows that one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin virtually reported to the Pentagon/ CIA while developing the project that would eventually become Google. Interestingly, later in the article, people close to the CIA and Pentagon are quoted as denying a close relationship. So obviously there is a good deal of sensitivity around the topic.

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was funded indirectly by the CIA via Peter Thiel. Thiel is a cofounder of PayPal with Elon Musk of Tesla fame.

Thiel invested $500,000 into Facebook but supposedly this was a CIA investment. Thiel is very close to the CIA. His company Palanitir, supposedly worth some $20 billion, runs secret algorithms for the CIA and other intel agencies. It was just the subject of a Daily Mail story  hereThiel is supposedly a libertarian but we don’t see how he can be.

Later, Thiel invested 12.7 million in Facebook. Companies that owe their existence and direction to public intelligence agencies are not private. They ought not to be run as they were.

Facebook has not yet launched an overwhelming assault on Alex Jones or Natural.News but with its determination to root out “fake” news it will surely be part of a large attack at some point. Google has not made a special attack on Alex Jones but it too is headed in that direction.


Without various investments and relationships, and most importantly without intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, central banking and regulations, both Google and Facebook would be a shadow of what they are now. There would be many more such companies and a good deal more progress would have been made as well.

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(video) UPDATE – VL’s Pentagon Insider Reveals All in a Q & A About #Vault7


Q. What type of things can we expect?

A.  Right now, the first dump concentrated on the CIA’s toolkit. The fear and loathing barometer tells me there is real concern the source code will get leaked, and even bigger concern the CIA’s past ‘activities” get exposed. If that happens, we will have a shockwave and an instant realignment of friends and foes.

Q. Could you explain further?

A. Lets say Wikileaks divulges that the CIA engages in domestic espionage in tandem with Mossad and MI6… Lets say CIA looks the other way while foreign nations are allowed to surveil American citizens… Lets say the people find out we created Isis with Israel, or the CIA really did neutralize Kennedy. Imagine how the citizens will view the CIA, Mossad and MI6.  In truth, these entities are not the beast, but rather the claws of the beast.  The combination of the CIA, Mossad and MI6 can be considered the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world. …

Q.  Will Pedogate ever be fully exposed?

A. Vault 7 will make certain that Pedogate is exposed. CIA and Mossad are behind much of it. Many in my close circle welcomes what Wikileaks has done.  Most military servicemen serve honorably. Most law enforcement as well. We want the swamp drained. If Trump muzzles Pence, and guides this nation by his instincts, my guess is he will gut the CIA, modernize it, kick the MI6 and Mossad out of the tent and start re-evaluating who our friends are.

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UPDATE – VL’s Pentagon Insider Reveals All in a Q & A About #Vault7

(video) Ron Paul Drops Wiretap Truth Bombs

Remember, the CIA killed Kennedy.

NSA is recording EVERYTHING from EVERYONE!

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Ron Paul Drops Wiretap Truth Bombs