(music video) John Legend: Costco Song on the Late Show — HILLARIOUS!

HILLARIOUS if you shop at Costco!

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The good part starts @ 2:20

 John Legend Makes Mundane Things Sound Sexy

(video) Alison Chabloz w/ Richie Allen: Prosecuted for Her Holocaust-Truth Songs

Richie defends the official story, including by disabling comments to the video, but it was still great to have Alison on!


(video) Alison Chabloz: Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe — “But thanks to Robert Faurison the Holohoax is plain to see”

(((Survivors))) satire video — Truth about ‘Holocaust’ tales, including Anne Frank

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

(video) Germar Rudolf exposes Auschwitz’s Curated Lies (PowerPoint) — Part 1: How the Auschwitz Museum dupes millions of visitors • Part 2: How the Auschwitz Museum lies about documents in its archives

Alison Chabloz “I’m Being Prosecuted & Persecuted For My Satirical Anti-Zionist Songs.”

(video) ‘O Holy Night’ – Trans-Siberian Orchestra — If we’re going to worship God then let’s really worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember the exact moment when I first heard this song — because it blew me away!!!

About 15 years ago, I was filling equipment outside in the dark winter, ramp lights turned on, with the fuel truck at NWA air freight, which had a radio. I heard this and was stunned!!! I called the radio station when I got inside to hear who it was, and then bought the CD.

The Bible says to “LOVE the Lord, your God, with ALL of our HEART, SOUL, MIND and STRENGTH!” To me, the audio here partly achieves this. If we’re going to worship God then let’s really worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which was probably recorded in the studio, and the video portion was reenacted; though, a nice story. The girl had been wandering, and found wholesome truth in Christmas.

It’s not just the soaring electric guitar. Something is spiritually right here; even though, some of the musicians may not even be Christians.

The heart and soul of this likely comes from the blonde, guitarist leader, probably the guy on the left. I have this DVD too, but haven’t watched it for awhile.

Outstanding, especially the worship factor of the audio!

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02.O holy night – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

(video) Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, ‘HALLELUJAH CHORUS’ – Must See!!!!!!!

Makes me cry too; even though, I’ve seen it before.


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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!

(video) ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ on pedals by Carol Williams

I talked with a lady who plays an organ with pedals. I thought I’d look into how the pedals operate. WoW!!!

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Flight of the Bumblebee on pedals by Dr. Carol Williams