February 27, 2015

Ron Paul: Internet, RIP? — A non-elected federal government agency now claims the power to regulate the Internet — which may open the door to de facto censorship of ideas perceived as threatening to the political class!


Internet, RIP?

written by ron paul
thursday february 26, 2015

Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a non-elected federal government agency, voted three-to-two to reclassify broadband Internet as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. This means that – without the vote of Congress, the peoples’ branch of government – a federal agency now claims the power to regulate the Internet. I am surprised that even among civil liberties groups, some claim the federal government increasing regulation of the Internet somehow increases our freedom and liberty.

The truth is very different. The adoption of these FCC rules on the Internet represents the largest regulatory power grab in recent history. The FCC’s newly adopted rule takes the most dynamic means of communication and imposes the regulatory structure designed for public utilities. Federal regulation could also open the door to de facto censorship of ideas perceived as threatening to the political class – ideas like the troops should be brought home, the PATRIOT Act should be repealed, military spending and corporate welfare should be cut, and the Federal Reserve should be audited and ended.

The one bright spot in this otherwise disastrous move is that federal regulations making it more difficult to use the Internet will cause more Americans to join our movement for liberty, peace, and prosperity. The federal government should keep its hands off of the Internet!


Goodbye Internet: “‘NET NEUTRALITY’ is Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK for ‘INTERNET CONTROL’” – Mark Dice

Goodbye Internet: “‘NET NEUTRALITY’ is Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK for ‘INTERNET CONTROL'” – Mark Dice

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“‘NET NEUTRALITY’ is an Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK term for ‘INTERNET CONTROL,’ now.”

– Mark Dice

* * *

Goodbye Internet, Hello ObamaNet – FCC Approves “Net Neutrality” Bill – Internet Takeover Begins

Mark Dice

February 21, 2015

(video) Chinese Activist Exposes Common Core’s Communist Programming in USA Education

Chinese Activist Exposes Common Core’s Communist Programming


Published on Feb 21, 2015

Liberty Activist and Former Libertarian Candidate, Lily Tang Williams, has a dire warning for America; Common Core reminds her of the Communist Core she went through in China.

Hear her powerful testimony describing how parents had zero parental rights, children were forced to keep daily tattle-journals, Chinese children were taught to do well on tests and conform–no critical thinking allowed, and if you were a late bloomer or student with special education needs, forget it, you’d be relegated to a life of poverty. Students were also tracked throughout their school years so their file could be turned over to all government agencies and potential employers.

A big and powerful government always has reasons and excuses for using force to make people do what they want, but in the end, it is always the ruling class and their cronies that benefit from these mandates, not the people.

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February 15, 2015

(video) Phil Donahue on the Silencing of Antiwar Voices in U.S. Media — “I was replaced by Michael Savage. So, they couldn’t wait to outfox Fox” • “Every major metropolitan newspaper in this country supported the invasion of Iraq” • “We have become a warrior nation, and we have no respect for diplomacy. And we’ve just stood mute while the Constitution has been just shredded”

Transcript from Democracy Now!

PHIL DONAHUE: ..I was called in to Neal Shapiro’s office and informed.

AMY GOODMAN: He was at NBC at the time.

PHIL DONAHUE: He was then, yeah; he’s now head of PBS here in New York. So, it was definitely a political termination. And it’s interesting, because during that time, they were terrified. This is—you should know that this is October through—say, August through January—August of ’02 through January and February. The invasion was April of 2003.


PHIL DONAHUE: And I was gone by then. But this is not long after the towers. And so, you know, corporate media—

AMY GOODMAN: You were replaced by Michael Savage.

PHIL DONAHUE: I was replaced by Michael Savage. So, they couldn’t wait to outfox Fox. And I had to have two conservatives for every liberal. And they wanted me to do entertainers. You know, don’t do political. … Dissent was totally, totally unwelcome and unpatriotic.

PHIL DONAHUE: ..every major metropolitan newspaper in this country supported the invasion of Iraq. Think about that for a minute. Every major metropolitan—this is what you can do with the politics of fear, that Bush took this whole nation and the whole media establishment by the ear and led it right into the sword. Amazing, in the land of free speech, free press.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you see the same thing happening again right now?

PHIL DONAHUE: Well, obviously, you can see that it has slowed us up. But it looks like that’s all it’s done. And while we have been, you know, hesitant and not “bring them on” with the war lust that we had then, mission creep is underway. What happens when somebody is taken prisoner? I mean, we have become a warrior nation, and we have no respect for diplomacy. And we’ve just stood mute while the Constitution has been just shredded. This is a nation of law, unless we’re scared.

* * *

Legendary Talk Show Host Phil Donahue on the Silencing of Antiwar Voices in U.S. Media



Published on Nov 11, 2014 – Phil Donahue is one of the best-known talk show hosts in U.S. television history. The Phil Donahue Show was on the air for almost 30 years, until 1996. In 2002, Donahue returned to the airwaves, but was fired by MSNBC on the eve of the 2003 U.S.-led war in Iraq because he was allowing antiwar voices on the air. We talk to Donahue about his firing and the silencing of antiwar voices by the corporate media — that continues to this day.


Chris Hedges: The Day That TV News Died — “Feb. 25, 2003, when MSNBC took Phil Donahue off the air because of his opposition to the calls for war in Iraq”

Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Season 3 may not air though all 8 episodes are totally filmed! Jesse also talks about how MSNBC golden handcuffed him & how both parties are gangs: The DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans & how TSA attracts pedophiles

MSNBC boots winning show for offending “Washington”

My Facebook comment on why Fox pulled the judge — just before the war with Iran

Why Pat Buchanan really got fired by MSNBC: A new war in the Middle East will be a disaster for the US and for the world economy — “Iran doesn’t frighten me…. They don’t have a bomb. They haven’t made a decision to build one. They don’t have the means to deliver one, and the Israelis have 300 atomic bombs.”

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: The MEDIA COVERAGE on IRAN is MIRRORING the coverage in the lead-up to the IRAQ war – grand claims about a smoking gun that doesn’t exist

John B. Wells Fired From ‘Coast To Coast AM’ for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

February 12, 2015

(video) Samsung Admits Smart TVs Record Personal Conversations, Give that Data to Third Parties — Your E-Book is Reading You Too!

Your E-Book is Reading You too:

Samsung Admits Smart TVs Record Personal Conversations, Give that Data to Third Parties

Mark Dice

January 27, 2015

Edward Snowden: Apple iPhone with Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

From: TechTimes

Edward Snowden: Apple iPhone with Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

By Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times | January 24, 9:59 AM

Edward Snowden, the infamous former contractor for the National Security Agency who leaked thousands of pages of previously classified NSA intelligence documents, reportedly thinks that Apple’s iPhone has “special software” that authorities can activate remotely to be able to gather information about the user.

“Edward never uses an iPhone; he’s got a simple phone….

At the time, the accusations were immediately denied by Apple, stating that the company is not involved in the supposed PRISM project and that it does not grant government agencies direct access to the company’s servers.

Succeeding leaks showed that the NSA developed spyware that would target iPhones, allowing intelligence agencies to access messages, live microphone feeds, data contained in the devices and location data.

Entire Article Here

How the CIA made Google — Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet


How the CIA made Google

Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet

INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’

The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: NSA mass surveillance, a permanent state of global war, and a new initiative to transform the US military into Skynet.


In sum, the investment firm responsible for creating the billion dollar fortunes of the tech sensations of the 21st century, from Google to Facebook, is intimately linked to the US military intelligence community; with Venables, Lee and Friedman either directly connected to the Pentagon Highlands Forum, or to senior members of the Forum.

Entire Article Here

(video) Google: Past, Present and Future Surveillance State

Filed under: 4th Amendment,Police State • ToBeFree — Jeff Fenske @ 5:01 am

Google: Past, Present and Future Surveillance State


Published on Jan 27, 2015



WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government


From its CIA creators, to its vision of the future where the internet “disappears” as its embedded into brain microchips, the past and the future of Google government collaboration can be seen in recent revelations about spying on WikiLeaks.

January 23, 2015

(video) Google Artificial Intelligence Coming — AI

Filed under: Police State • ToBeFree,Science & Tech • ToBeFree — Jeff Fenske @ 6:56 pm

Google AI Ready For Takeover


Published on Jan 23, 2015

Alex Jones breaks down how AI is already here and they are just waiting to have it take control.…

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January 17, 2015

(video) Haskell: Could Paris Attack Be A Mossad Operation?

Filed under: Israel • ToBeFree,Police State • ToBeFree — Jeff Fenske @ 2:33 am

Kurt Richard Haskell is the lawyer who watched the CIA allow the underwear bomber on the flight, a flight he was on. The globalists used this incident to get the naked body scanner machines installed in the airports.

This is so excellent, I watched this multiple times. Very important!

– –

Expert: Could Paris Attack Be A Mossad Operation

<a href="/channel/UCvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-name="" data-ytid="UCvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg" data-sessionlink="ei=CEa6VODcA822-gPrp4I4">TheAlexJonesChannel</a>


(video) Brother Andrew: Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo?

[ video ] Attorney Kurt Haskell, underwear bomber eyewitness: How an intelligence agency staged the event after which the naked body scanners were accepted as necessary

[ video ] Haskell Blows Whistle on Underwear Bomber, Government Op

[ audio ] Underwear Bomber Eyewitness Kurt Haskell talks about the 2013 Boston Bombings — Dzhokhar almost certainly INNOCENT. The brown bag lady – the post-detonation pic of where her bag was…

(video) Chris Bollyn: Israel behind the 9/11 attacks and post-9/11 wars

Ted Pike: The Jewish Kabbalah – Root of Mideast Violence — Kabbalah’s description of Gentiles as ANIMALS who must be slaughtered before “ORDER” can be restored helps explain not only Israel’s notorious MISTREATMENT of her Arab neighbors but also JEWISH POWER worldwide in *government*, *finance*, and *media*!

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning” (contains many links to my other posts)

Walter Veith: Hidden Agendas — The deity worshiped in the shrines of secrecy is not the Deity of the Bible. “There are very, very, very few Rabbis in the world today that are not Kabbalists.”

(video) Prof. Tony Martin: Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade — Hamitic myth/’curse of Ham’ originated in the Jewish Talmud, not the Bible!

Hagee: “Unrepentant Heretic” — The church is embarrassed to name Christ to those He first came to redeem — the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It disobeys Christ’s great commission to spread the gospel to the whole world, starting with Jerusalem

(video) How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ — Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Israeli TV…

Study: American Jews Rate Evangelicals as Low as Muslims

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