November 19, 2016

Trump’s Pick for CIA Director Could Take the Agency Back to its Darkest Days


Trump’s Pick for CIA Director, Could Take the Agency Back to its Darkest Days

By Jennifer Williams

November 19, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Vox” –  President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas to head the Central Intelligence Agency, putting a hawkish lawmaker who favors brutally interrogating detainees and expanding the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in charge of America’s premier spy agency.

Pompeo may be an unfamiliar name to many Americans, but he is well-known — and apparentlygenerally well-respected — among intelligence professionals and well-liked by his colleagues on Capitol Hill.

The 52-year-old third-term Congress member serves on the House Intelligence Committee and played a prominent role the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which investigated Hillary Clinton for her role in the deaths of four Americans at the hands of Islamist terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

Pompeo was particularly harsh on Clinton during the hearings, and in a report afterward accused her of having “put politics ahead of people” and “focusing more on spin and media narrative before an election than securing American lives under attack by terrorists.”

As a member of Congress with experience working closely with — and at times strongly defending — the intelligence community, Pompeo’s nomination as CIA chief could bode well for the future relationship between the CIA and Congress, which has deteriorated in recent years over the CIA’s detainee program and feuds with its nominal overseers on Capitol Hill.

But Pompeo’s extremely hawkish views on critical national security issues, such as his support for keeping open the US prison at Guantanamo Bay; his defense of brutal CIA interrogation practices like waterboarding and “rectal feeding”; and his overwhelming focus on the dire threat of “radical Islamic terrorism” — all positions closely aligned with those of President-elect Trump and his new national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — suggest he is not likely to be a particularly sobering or restraining force on the president-elect, particularly when it comes to controversial policies like torture and drone strikes.

Pompeo’s hawkish stance toward Russia, on the other hand, could be a major source of tension between him and the president-elect, who, along Flynn, seeks to develop closer ties with Russia, particularly in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

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Jeff Rense & Karen Stewart – NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim

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Jeff Rense & Karen Stewart – NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim



November 2, 2016

(video) Ernst Zundel’s lawyer Doug Christie: Free Speech is the Issue – Toronto 1997

“Spiritual battle” is exactly what it is. I wish I would have known about Doug much earlier so I could have prayed for those James-3 cursing him. He needed our prayers.

Related: Doug Christie Dead: Free Speech Lawyer Defended Ernst Zundel

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Doug Christie Free Speech is the Issue. Speech from Oct 16 1997 in Toronto

October 30, 2016

(video) Police & Military Attack Native American Pipeline Protestors — Pipeline would travel underneath the Missouri River, the primary drinking water source for the Standing Rock Sioux

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What to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

The pipeline would travel underneath the Missouri River, the primary drinking water source for the Standing Rock Sioux. …

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has reported more than 3,300 incidents of leaks and ruptures at oil and gas pipelines since 2010. And even the smallest spill could damage the tribe’s water supply. …

And while the land being used for the pipeline is not technically on its reservation, tribal leaders argue that the federal government did not adequately engage the Standing Rock Sioux during the permitting process—a requirement under federal law.

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Police & Military Attack Oceti Sakowin Treaty Camp 10.27.2016

October 29, 2016

Rense & Coldwell: Muslim Horrors On The German People…And Forced Microchipping, Too!

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What’s really going on in Germany, and what they have planned here!

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Jeff Rense & Leonard Coldwell – Muslim Horrors On The German People…And Forced Microchipping, Too!

October 21, 2016

(video) Napolitano & Binney: NSA, NOT RUSSIA, Released Wikileaks Emails Damaging to HiLIARy

Especially good at 9:40.

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Hillary And DNC Busted! Caught Lying In Debate! Judge And NSA “The Big Deception”! Brazile Guilty!

October 20, 2016

(video) Obama has stated he wants ‘truth tests’ for media; Chilling Orwellian Double Speak

Obama has stated he wants ‘truth tests’ for media; Chilling Orwellian Double Speak

October 2, 2016

(video) Stefan Molyneux: UN Just Took Over the Internet — WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY JUST LOST, BIG TIME!” • We don’t need FREE SPEECH to share a cake recipe, but…

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“WORDS have been used to EXPOSE the coercive nature of elements in society for thousands of years. And this BATTLE BETWEEN WORDS AND WEAPONS has been going on for thousands of years, and I think WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY JUST LOST, BIG TIME!” – Stefan Molyneux

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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July 25, 2016

(audio) Katherine Albrecht: Mark of the Beast // Chipped Credit Cards // RFID // GMO’s Genetically Modified Food

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From: Katherine Albrecht

— Thu, July 21, 2016 —

Mark of the Beast // Credit Cards // RFID // GMO’s Genetically Modified Food //

Katherine spends the first half of the hour discussing microchipped credit cards.

Judith McGeary joins Katherine in the second hald of the program to discuss the new GMO labeling bill. Congress just passed a bill requiring GMO labeling, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think!

Judith encourages listeners to call the Whitehouse and urge President Obama to veto senate bill 764. The Whitehouse comment line is: 202-456-1111.

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Five Things to Know About the New GMO Labeling Bill


July 12, 2016

Putin’s Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church — Can’t share faith in HOMES, ONLINE or ANYWHERE but recognized church buildings • Foreign missionaries already banned • “Everything that undermines the Orthodox Church is a real threat” 

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From: Christianity Today

Russia’s Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church
UPDATE: Putin signs new restrictions that limit where and how Christians share the gospel.

Update (July 8): This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a package of anti-terrorism laws that usher in tighter restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism.

Despite prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval yesterday. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings, go into effect July 20. …

Protestants and religious minorities small enough to gather in homes fear they will be most affected. Last month, “the local police officer came to a home where a group of Pentecostals meet each Sunday,” Konstantin Bendas, deputy bishop of the Pentecostal Union, told Forum 18. “With a contented expression he told them: ‘Now they’re adopting the law I’ll drive you all out of here.’ I reckon we should now fear such zealous enforcement.” …


Earlier reporting (June 29):

To share their faith, citizens must secure a government permit through a registered religious organization, and they cannot evangelize anywhere besides churches and other religious sites. The restrictions even apply to activity in private residences and online.

This week, Russia’s Protestant minority—estimated around 1 percent….

Proposed by United Russia party lawmaker Irina Yarovaya, the law appears to target religious groups outside the Russian Orthodox church. Because it defines missionary activities as religious practices to spread a faith beyond its members, “if that is interpreted as the Moscow Patriarchate is likely to, it will mean the Orthodox Church can go after ethnic Russians but that no other church will be allowed to,”according to Frank Goble, an expert on religious and ethnic issues in the region.

Russian nationalist identity remains tied up with the Russian Orthodox church.

“The Russian Orthodox church is part of a bulwark of Russian nationalism stirred up by Vladimir Putin,” David Aikman, history professor and foreign affairs expert, told CT. “Everything that undermines that action is a real threat, whether that’s evangelical Protestant missionaries or anything else.” …

Stalin-era religious restrictions—including outlawing religious activity outside of Sunday services in registered churches and banning parents from teaching faith to their kids….

If passed, the anti-evangelism law carries fines up to US $780 for an individual and $15,500 for an organization. Foreign visitors who violate the law face deportation.

Russia has already moved to contain foreign missionaries. The “foreign agent” law…. Not a single foreign expatriate mission is there now,”….

Russia’s evangelicals… “They say, ‘If it will come to it, it’s not going to stop us from worshiping and sharing our faith,’” he wrote. “The Great Commission isn’t just for a time of freedom.”

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PUTIN: HOLOCAUST TRUTHERS in Russia Now Face 5 YEARS in PRISON — Law also practically BANS CRITICISM OF STALIN • Putin also signed law imposing STRICTER RULES ON BLOGGERS

(video) Anti-Truther Putin: ‘Holocaust Skepticism Immoral’ — The Zionist President of Russia declares any revision of the official Russian-Jewish narrative on World War II is “immoral.” It is also ILLEGAL in Russia as of 2014

Putin Initiates Law Against Anti-Semitic Biblical Interpretation

(video) Putin: Not Our Savior – Israel’s Person of the Year 2015!

(audio) Brandon Martinez & Kevin Barrett Debate PUTIN WORSHIP in Alt-Media

(8-min video) Martinez: Putin the Hypocrite — Be careful who you venerate

(audio) Stefan Molyneux’s Deflection of 9/11 & Holocaust Truth | Alt-Media’s Putin Worship – The Martinez Perspective 01/11/16

(video) US aircraft carriers would last 2-3 days against Soviet navy at sea – Admiral Rickover in the ’70s — Russian subs that capable and difficult to locate!

Russia and China’s SS-N-22 Sunburn missile: U.S. aircraft carrier and Aegis-class cruiser killer! — SS-N-22 skims the surface of the water at 2.5x the speed of sound until just before impact, when it lifts up and then heads straight down into the target’s deck. Its 200 kiloton nuclear warhead has almost 20 times the explosive power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The U.S. Navy has no defence against this missile system

345 MPH Supercavitating Torpedoes — US aircraft carriers now sitting ducks to Russia & China’s torpedoes

(video) Russia Electronically Disables U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer — Ultra-modern destroyer USS Donald Cook paralyzed by a single SU-24 in the Black Sea (2014)

[Updated December 2013] Joel Skousen: Year-End Big Picture Review of Threats — Russia/China invasion of U.S.A. TIMING discussed

Skousen: U.S. Intentionally Vulnerable to Nuclear Attack from China/Russia

Skousen: RUSSIA’S PREPARATIONS TO FIGHT AND WIN A NUCLEAR WAR • The US is actively inviting a first strike against our forces by disarming while Russia cheats—and we don’t even have a treaty with the Chinese for them to cheat on, so it’s full steam ahead for all the major nuclear powers except the US • The US will do anything to coverup or downplay the Chinese threat • The Chinese have over 3,000 miles of tunnels to hide their mobile missiles

China Preparing to Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers — The WU-14 can penetrate missile defense systems by traveling at up to ten times the speed of sound!

(audio/text) Joel Skousen: With a Growing Russian Missile Threat, US is Still Disarming — “Russia says their missiles are for “containment” of the US, but we know they are preparing for a nuclear first strike on America”

(video) Joel Skousen: An Evil Pact Drives Globalists to Set Up USA for China/Russia Takeover | North Korea Will Be the Trigger

New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes” — An earlier model armed with long-range cruise missiles sailed around in the Gulf of Mexico for weeks without being detected in 2012!

China may have largest Pacific fleet by 2020 — and capability to destroy US military and intelligence satellites?

Skousen: 2015 YEAR IN REVIEW – Foreign Affairs — More than any other year in history, the US has LOST a tremendous amount of GOODWILL in the world over its falsified war against terror, essential to allowing Russia and China to stake out the moral ground to justify an eventual attack on the West, increasingly viewed as the “BULLY OF THE WORLD” • WAR is not imminent. Russia and China won’t be ready until the EARLY to MIDDLE of the NEXT DECADE • The NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE will be PRECEDED BY AN EMP STRIKE which will take down the ENTIRE ELECTRICAL GRID from anywhere from 6 weeks to six months *or longer*. Cities will collapse… • Globalists want to flood the US and Europe with illegals to create conflict and destroy western culture and religion

Skousen: Analysis of Strategic Threats in the Current Decade

[Updated May 2010] Joel Skousen: Analysis of Strategic Threats in the Current Decade — The Big Picture!

Dumitru Duduman: The Russian Invasion of America — “It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace.’ Then there will be an internal revolution in America…. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans…” — The rapture will occur AFTER America is destroyed, as God destroys the enemies of Israel!

(vision) Dumitru Duduman: WHEN AMERICA GOES TO WAR WITH CHINA the RUSSIANS WILL STRIKE Alaska, Minnesota, Florida — “America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him with a CLEAN HEART as they do HIS WORK. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people”

[ audio ] Henry Gruver’s Three Visions: Russian (and Chinese) Invasion of America — “When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go, the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing and caring for the masses, and will begin to let their weapons down, and will cry ‘peace and safety,’ and that’s when it will happen.”

(video) Dumitru Duduman: Wake Up America

[2-hour audio] Henry Gruver with Steve Quayle: Visions of War – Visions of Heaven

[mp3 audio] Henry Gruver’s Vision of America being invaded by Russia

[47-minute audio] Henry Gruver: Russian Invasion of America

The WW3 Prophecies (includes prophecies by others)

RED DAWN: ASIAN MILITARY INVASION OF USA? (prophecies by many others)

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