(video) Ahmed Huber : What did the Jews do to Germany in 1930? | David Icke: Today?

Ahmed Huber : What did the Jews do to Germany in 1930?


This video is by Ted Pike. I’ve posted many of his excellent videos and writings here and at ONEcanhappen.

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’60 MINUTES’: First ISIS-claimed attack in U.S. & WHAT The FBI KNEW — “An undercover AGENT had been TEXTING with Simpson: ‘TEAR UP TEXAS’” • “The undercover FBI agent was in a car DIRECTLY BEHIND Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi when they started shooting” • “IN MOST of the cases, the FBI has some touchpoint with those individuals beforehand” | “CBS News came dangerously close to admitting what we already knew: The Garland, TX attack was a FBI SPONSORED FALSE FLAG event” – Kurt Haskell

“CBS News came dangerously close to admitting what we already knew: The Garland, TX attack was a FBI sponsored false flag event” – Kurt Haskell on Facebook

“There is some sort of behind the scenes intelligence battle going on.” – Kurt Haskell in answering why ’60 Minutes’ is reporting this now

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From: CBS News

60 Minutes investigates first ISIS-claimed attack in U.S. and what the FBI knew

… The following is a script from “Attack in Garland,” which aired on March 26, 2017. Anderson Cooper is the correspondent. Graham Messick and Steve McCarthy, producers. Jack Weingart, associate producer.

… In looking into what happened in Garland, we were surprised to discover just how close the FBI was to one of the terrorists. Not only had the FBI been monitoring him for years, there was an undercover agent right behind him when the first shots were fired.

The target of the attack was an event taking place in this conference center on May 3, 2015. A self-described free speech advocate named Pamela Geller was holding a provocative contest, offering a cash-prize for the best drawing of the prophet Muhammad, whose depiction is considered sacrilege by some Muslims. …

The next day as the FBI picked through the crime scene, the evidence showed Garland police had prevented a massacre. The terrorists brought six guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, bulletproof and tactical vests, and Xeroxed copies of the black flag of ISIS. They were identified as 31-year-old Elton Simpson and 34-year-old Nadir Soofi.  Just hours before the attack they had sent this tweet pledging allegiance to ISIS. But Simpson was already well-known to the FBI. …

But at the time of this interview, Simpson had already become interested in radical Islam, and the Phoenix FBI, which was investigating one of his friends, hired an informant, a Sudanese refugee named Dabla Deng, to check Simpson out.

Anderson Cooper: There are informants inside the mosque?

Usama Shami: Yeah. I mean the whole case with Elton Simpson was with an informant that he was befriending Elton and taping his conversations.

Dabla Deng spent three years pretending to be Simpson’s friend, and was paid $132,000 by the FBI. He taped more than 1,500 hours of their conversations and finally recorded him talking about traveling overseas to wage jihad. Simpson lied to the FBI about it and got three years probation. …

Seamus Hughes: It speaks to a larger problem the FBI has, which is you have an individual who pops into your radar in 2006, but doesn’t commit an attack until 2015. So do you want the FBI to watch this individual for nine years?

He was found guilty on multiple counts and sentenced to 30 years in prison. But his attorney Dan Maynard continued to investigate, and uncovered new evidence the FBI was much closer to the Garland attack than anyone realized. …

Dan Maynard: That’s right. Yeah. After the trial we found out that they had had an undercover agent who had been texting with Simpson, less than three weeks before the attack, to him “Tear up Texas.” Which to me was an encouragement to Simpson.

The man he’s talking about was a special agent of the FBI, working undercover posing as an Islamic radical. …

But it turns out the undercover agent did more than just communicate online with Elton Simpson. In an affidavit filed in another case the government disclosed that the FBI undercover agent had actually “traveled to Garland, Texas, and was present… at the event.”

Dan Maynard: I was shocked. I mean I was shocked that the government hadn’t turned this over. I wanted to know when did he get there, why was he there?

And this past November, Maynard was given another batch of documents by the government, revealing the biggest surprise of all. The undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi when they started shooting. This cell-phone photo of school security guard Bruce Joiner and police officer Greg Stevens was taken by the undercover agent seconds before the attack. …

Dan Maynard: I can’t tell you whether the FBI knew the attack was gonna occur. I don’t like to think that they let it occur. But it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. I find that shocking.

Anderson Cooper: That he didn’t try to stop–

Dan Maynard: He didn’t try to stop ‘em. Or he didn’t do something. I mean, he’s an agent, for gosh sakes. …

Seamus Hughes: … And in most of the cases, you see the FBI has some touchpoint with those individuals beforehand.

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Holocaust Truth Videos — Watch, download, upload these videos while you can!

I also have dozens of powerful videos that tell the truth in my Holocaust Real-History Truth category posts

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Re: Top 10 reasons why the holocaust didn’t happen.

Attention guests: Please watch, download, and then upload these videos to video hosting websites, to preserve this vital information. Remember the [Talmudic] Jews HATE these videos, and they will conspire to destroy them, as they expose their Holocaust lies.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3c0PnRBZJk3. WOW MUST SEE Auschwitz the true story (David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary)
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Google tells army of ‘quality raters’ to flag Holocaust denial — 10,000 contractors told to flag ‘Holocaust’ truth

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From: The Guardian

Google tells army of ‘quality raters’ to flag Holocaust denial

10,000 contractors told to flag ‘upsetting-offensive’ content after months of criticism over hate speech, misinformation and fake news in search results

Google is using a 10,000-strong army of independent contractors to flag “offensive or upsetting” content, in order to ensure that queries like “did the Holocaust happen” don’t push users to misinformation, propaganda and hate speech. [sites that actually tell the truth]

The review of search terms is being done by the company’s “quality raters”, a little-known corps of worldwide contractors [mostly based in Tel Aviv] that Google uses to assess the quality of its systems. The raters are given searches based on real queries to conduct, and are asked to score the results on whether they meet the needs of users. [needs of the Talmudic controllers to keep their powerful propaganda intact]

These contractors work from a huge manual, first made public in 2013, describing every potential problem they could find with a given search query: whether or not it meets the user’s expectations, whether the result offered is low or high quality, and whether it’s spam, porn or illegal.

In a new update to the rating system, rolled out on Tuesday, Google introduced another flag raters could use: the “upsetting-offensive” mark. Although the company did not cite a specific reason for the update, the move comes three months after the Guardian and Observer began a series of stories showing how the search engine promotes extremist content.

One story in particular highlighted how a search for “did the Holocaust happen” returned, as its top result, a link to the white supremacist forum Stormfront, explaining how to promote Holocaust denial to others.

That exact search result is now included by Google as one of the examples the company now uses to train its contractors on how and when to mark pages as “upsetting-offensive”. [upsetting to Talmudic liars afraid of being found out]

Detailing why a result for “Holocaust history” returning a link to Stormfront should be flagged as problematic, the document explains: “This result is a discussion of how to convince others that the Holocaust never happened. Because of the direct relationship between Holocaust denial and anti­semitism, many people would consider it offensive.” [the Talmudic liars who are being exposed]

By contrast, the same search query returning a result for the History Channel should not get the upsetting-offensive flag, even if users do find the topic of the Holocaust upsetting. “While the Holocaust itself is a potentially upsetting topic for some, this result is a factually accurate source of historical information,” [telling Talmudic lies about gas chambers and an extermination plan — not telling what really happened – see below] the manual explains. “Furthermore, the page does not exist to promote hate or violence against a group of people, contain racial slurs, or depict graphic violence.” [like piles of dead bodies, which are not what they’re propagandized to be – see below]

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Germar Rudolf ‘HOLOCAUST’ Q&A: WHAT ABOUT THOSE PICTURES of Mountains of Dead Bodies in the Concentration Camps? — ALL photographs of heaps of corpses were taken in Western camps around the end of the war, where historians now agree *no mass murders* took place. There are NO such photographs taken at the camps in which mass murder is *alleged* to have occurred • Toward the end of the war, Himmler ordered the evacuation of the eastern camps as the Red Army approached, which led to hopeless overcrowding in the western camps. By that time, ALLIED BOMBING had completely destroyed the German infrastructure, making it impossible to supply the camps with food, medicines, and sanitation supplies

(video) Germar Rudolf exposes Auschwitz’s Curated Lies (PowerPoint) — Part 1: How the Auschwitz Museum dupes millions of visitors • Part 2: How the Auschwitz Museum lies about documents in its archives

(video) Did the Holocaust Really Happen? — Were 6 million Jews gassed and then cremated?

Texe Marrs Talmudism Exposé BANNED BY AMAZON! Our book, “HOLY SERPENT OF THE JEWS: The RABBIS’ Secret PLAN for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to GLOBAL DOMINION,” which quotes the rabbis themselves and their wicked plan for global domination, is so feared • Obviously, the most EVIL and sinister of BOOKS, including those by sexual perverts, America haters, and even by communists and fascists ARE SOLD on Amazon. But a book which widely quotes rabbis themselves is prohibited

Talmud Encourages Jews to Deceive Non-Jews — “Pretend to rejoice with them in order to hide your hatred” — Talmud denies the Gentile status as a “man,” so they are also excluded from being the Jews’ neighbor