(vid) Jim Rizoli’s ‘Holocaust’ Truth Library

It has been now proven that there was no extermination program and no gas chambers. The facts are overwhelming. The only reason the myth still reigns is the successful intimidation/indoctrination campaign in which it’s ‘sinful’ to question the official story, and illegal in 22 countries.

I agree with Germar Rudolf (whose books on the ‘Holocaust,’ including the handbook series Jim shows here, have been banned from Amazon) that imprisoning so many ‘Jews’ with the goal of moving them out of Germany was a gross human rights violation — since most of these people didn’t commit any crimes. Many were even children. But most people today don’t know that the ‘Jews’ declared war on Germany in 1933, and the ‘Jews’ (mostly not Semitic at all) had been deported from various countries almost 100 times since the time of Christ. The USA also imprisoned the Japanese during WWII, but nobody died, because the war wasn’t fought on American soil, so the Japanese had plenty of food, clean water, and medical supplies.

Jim shows the book, The Myth of German Villainy, which really is an excellent read showing what powerful ‘Jews’ had done to try to destroy Germany, starting before WWI. Their Talmudic mandate is to control others, and when Hitler cleaned up the brothels, removing their control of the media and the banking system, Germany thrived. And these Talmudists couldn’t have that, and set out to completely destroy Germany, which they mostly did.

The ‘Holocaust’ is their gigantic lie that they have milked to the nth degree, so the Talmudists are near the completion of even destroying the USA, as we destroy countries that would oppose the NWO, and who are Talmudic Israel’s neighbors.

It’s all a big scam, and the ‘Jews’ have made $billions from this huge lie which hardly any are bold enough to even investigate, let alone tell the truth about, like Jim Rizoli is.

Only lies need to be protected by laws, where sick people throw beautiful people into prison for simply telling the truth — Monika Schaeffer and Sylvia Stolz in prison right now!

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(audio) Hagmann: Destroying Child Trafficking and Darwinism: Craig Sawyer then James Perloff!!

7:00pm Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, Vets4 Child Rescue joins us to talk about the latest on the missions his organization has been undertaking as well as what he has in store for 2018.

8:00pm James Perloff, Author “Tornado In A Junkyard” Will be with us for the last 2 hrs presenting the case for his book “The Case Against Darwinism”


(vid) Ken O’Keefe: Talmudic Israel’s Impunity in the Nuclear Age, Part 1 – Mavi Marmara  & USS Liberty attack — Intro: Trump, Israel, Palestine, Iran…

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