(video/text) BREAKING – HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! — “Israel has bribed, extorted and intimidated our politicians for decades and suddenly this upstart billionaire threatens to ruin everything!” • “The biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions” • “There are as many pedophiles on the Republican side as with Democrats” • “By long-kniving Flynn, they exposed their hand” • “Notice how there is sound and fury about “Russian influence” and utter silence on “Mossad” influence” • “If Trump and Putin work together to defeat Isis they are actually defeating a CIA/Mossad creation” • “Their goal was to divide Syria and ultimately destroy Iran’s regime” • ” It is not just an oil grab, but a much bigger attempt to allow Israel and Saudi Arabia to dominate the entire Middle East” • “Netanyahu is desperate to both play Trump into attacking Syria, and hate Putin, and to convince him PedoGate is a conspiracy theory” • “Trump’s legacy could be truly great if…”

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BREAKING – HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! Talks About #PizzaGate #PedoGate & Much More

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(video) Brandon Martinez: Abby Martin’s Bogus Argument For Why RT is Not Kremlin Propaganda

Brandon mentions RussiaLies.com

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Abby Martin’s Bogus Argument For Why RT is Not Kremlin Propaganda

Joel Skousen: CFR Misinforms about China Nukes — Our controlled intelligence agencies are following the globalist agenda of downplaying the China nuclear threat

World Affairs Brief, February 3, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com).

This Week’s Analysis:

Trump Versus the Deep State

Attack on Trump’s Partial Muslim Travel Ban

Background on Neil Gorsuch

Berkeley Protests Against Free Speech on the Right

Brexit Passes Parliament

Republicans Bypass Democratic Confirmation Boycott

CFR Misinforms about China Nukes



I really get upset when the media keeps quoting US “intelligence agencies” that maintain that China only has 200 nuclear warheads. How can say that when they have zero access to China’s nuclear arsenal? The US had never had access. They are simply taking China’s lying words for truth because our controlled intelligence agencies are following the globalist agenda of downplaying the China nuclear threat.

But it got worse this week when the Council on Foreign Relations put out a propaganda piece in their magazine Foreign Affairs, not only repeating the bogus 200 nukes claim, but inferring that China isn’t in the least interested in joining the arms race. The piece is chock full of disinformation:

While U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin preen and compare the size of their nuclear arsenals, China has been quite modest on the subject. This macho dance doesn’t interest Beijing. Why? Isn’t bigger always better? For decades, when it comes to nuclear weapons, the answer from China has been a resounding no. The rest of the world would do well to consider their reasons why. [Oh, do tell! I can’t wait hear how this ends.]

In his last defense speech of 2016, Putin argued that his country needed to “enhance the combat capability of strategic nuclear forces, primarily by strengthening missile complexes that will be guaranteed to penetrate existing and future missile defense systems.” It wasn’t clear from the speech whether Putin seeks to improve nuclear warhead delivery systems in order to confuse American missile defense, or whether he will seek to increase the number of weapons deployed to overwhelm them, or even deploy cyber-capabilities to weaken the ability to respond. Perhaps it’s a strategy, perhaps it’s just rhetoric. U.S. ballistic missile defense efforts — particularly in Europe and Asia — have been a sore spot for both Russia and China.

The author makes it sound like the Russians are only thinking about it. Nonsense. The Russians are not only in the middle of production of the Topol M, but they are building new 15 warhead mega-missiles–the Satan-2. As with China, we have no inspectors in Russia, and even in the days when we did, our inspectors were never allowed inside the nuclear warhead plant we built for Russia nor into the huge underground factory-bunker city of Yamantau Mountain.

So why hasn’t Chinese leader Xi Jinping stripped off his shirt and flexed his strategic forces? Well, he doesn’t need to and he knows it. Decades of Chinese leaders have known it. The Chinese think about nuclear weapons in a fundamentally different way than their Western counterparts…. China was content to stick with dozens, not thousands, of warheads.

The reason the Chinese don’t flaunt it is because they want to maintain the lie that they only have a couple of hundred warheads—fodder for “useful idiots” and disarmament addicts at the CFR.

Even today, the United States and Russia believe nuclear deterrence requires thousands of warheads each, and at least three ways to deliver them. But the truth of the matter is that you can annihilate your adversary (or the planet) only so many times. In fact, some in the U.S. Air Force have argued that 311 warheads would provide nine-and-a-half times the destructive power needed to incapacitate the Soviet Union by former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s count.

More propaganda. In fact, you could throw all of the nukes in the world at Mt. St. Helens and you would not remove as much earth as it did when it blew off half of its top in the 1980s eruption. All these high quantities of nuclear weapons are NOT for simple deterrence, but to successfully win in a nuclear engagement where many of your weapons may be eliminated before you can launch them. Just to eliminate all of the US military and communications facilities around the world would take almost 3000 enemy warheads. As to enemy targets, many deep underground facilities like Yamantau Mountain and the missile tunnels in China would take tens of nuclear weapons to penetrate—and that’s only two targets. There are hundreds of targets.

For China, it’s not the size of the arsenal that counts, it’s how you use it. About 200 nuclear warheads are “enough.” China’s primary goal has always been to prevent the use of nuclear weapons against them. Beijing figured out that you don’t need 30,000 nuclear warheads to achieve that end — you only need enough that the risk of losing a major city in retaliation holds your opponents back. They have enough for escalation control, they have enough for deterrence, and they only need to mate their warheads to delivery vehicles to signal.

So they keep their strategic forces small and agile. With about 200 weapons, you already have increased the cost of nuclear war enough that nobody wants to start one with you. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to keep those weapons ready to go at a moment’s notice, as Russia and the United States do with their arsenals. Instead, China can invest in its conventional and not-so- conventional weapons, including a growing naval force, hyper-glide vehicles, and systems for both cyberspace and outer space. . Last, China is happy to sit back and wait until escalation is called for, so it keeps its warheads separated from the missiles it predominantly relies on as delivery systems.

More nonsense. If the CFR really thinks the Chinese don’t keep warheads on the missiles, they are idiots. The Chinese have thousands of miles of underground bunker tunnels all with rail road tracks to haul out rail mounted missiles into firing position at a moment’s notice. That said, they know their missiles are safe for now, since the US dismantled 2/3rd of the warheads on our remaining 400+ Minuteman missiles. The warheads on our submarines aren’t capable of penetrating hardened targets.

As for conventional weapons, China is in a major armament building spree, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t building new missiles and warheads in secret. This piece is simply meant to keep Americans asleep about the Chinese threat. Lastly, if China is so disinterested in nuclear missiles why does she keep building new DF-41 missiles? Why did China just test her newest DF-5 intercontinental missile with 10 warheads? See the article here.

(audio) Joel Skousen w/ John B Wells: Caravan to Midnight Ep. 681, 1/31/17 — Trump: “Just delightful to not see a puppet just taking orders. He’s got enough gut instincts that he’s fighting the powers that be” • Groupthink: “Americans take comfort in the fact that if the government isn’t worried, if the media isn’t worried, why should I be worried?” • Conscience: “You’re never going to get to a real good understanding of what’s true unless you listen to those nervous feelings warning you” • Pentagon: “It had to be both” a missile and a plane • WW III: Russia and China will be ready in the middle of the next decade to launch a preemptive strike on the U.S. military, preceded by an EMP strike

[Audio used by permission. Video can be seen by subscribing at Caravan To Midnight.]

Caravan to Midnight Episode 681 – Joseph Meyer & Joel Skousen

Tuesday January 31st 2017

Key quotes by Joel transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

22:19 “They [Americans] take comfort in the fact that if the government isn’t worried, if the media isn’t worried, why should I be worried? It’s a groupthink type of thing.”

37:42 “There’s always something about understanding the workings of conscience. I use that all the time when I’m trying to read stories. I’ll get a warning signal, a little nervous feeling: ‘something is not right about this.’ And it’s kind of a trigger feeling that I’ll go research and find out what’s wrong with it.

But people who don’t have a good sense of conscience — they don’t listen to those nervous feelings, or they constantly disregard them — they don’t get those signals. And some people just are so positive thinking; they don’t want to hear anything negative. They don’t want to hear even conscience warning them about nervous things, because they only want to hear the positive.

So there is a psychological, spiritual aspect towards listening or being open to the truth, especially tough truths. You’re never going to get to a real good understanding of what’s true unless you listen to those nervous feelings warning you, from what I believe is a divine source that something is wrong with the information. And to that extent, John, people are somewhat responsible for being ignorant.”

1:03:10 On 9/11, “it had to be both” a missile and a plane hitting the Pentagon. Half of the fiberglass nose of the airplane was intact inside the Pentagon. So a missile had to hit the Pentagon first. Smoke color and cordite smell. It had to be a special aircraft to withstand the g’s (switched). “As one witness said, the airplane hit the Pentagon wall, and the wall held up like a champ, and then it exploded into a thousand pieces.”

1:08:00 “Civil war, and social unrest, and FEMA camps and martial law, none of that’s coming until World War III comes, when our government allows a preemptive strike on the U.S. military, which will be preceded by an EMP strike, which will take down the electrical grid. … Somewhere, I think, in the middle of the next decade is when Russia and China will be ready to throw that strike.”

1:10:00 “This is just delightful to not see a puppet just taking orders…. But Trump is somebody who maybe doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s got enough gut instincts that he’s fighting the powers that be.”




John B. Wells YouTube


(audio) Joel Skousen w/ Jeff Rense 1/25/17: Trump Taking Charge — “I’ve even got hope” • Yet dropping ball on key issues

16:30 “I’ve even got hope.” – Joel

Standing up to the Chinese

Trump is taking charge — even dominating Priebis

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Jeff Rense And Joel Skousen – War with China?