SYRIA: The West Only Hates Assad Because TalmudVision Told Them To

SYRIA: The West Only Hates Assad Because Their TV Told Them To

The only thing keeping westerners from seeing through the lies that they’ve been told about Syria is the unquestioned assumption that their own government could not possibly be that evil. They have no trouble believing that a foreigner from a Muslim-majority country could be gratuitously using chemical weapons on children at the most strategically disastrous time possible and bombing his own civilians for no discernible reason, but the possibility that their government is making those things up in order to manufacture consent for regime change is ruled out before any critical analysis of the situation even begins.

Despite the evil and unforgivable invasion of Iraq having happened a mere fourteen years ago, sold to the public based on nothing but lies and mass media propaganda, mainstream America is unwilling to consider the possibility that this is happening again. Unwilling to turn and face the implications of what this would mean for their worldview, their self-image, and the entire system they’ve developed for examining and interpreting their experience of their lives up until this point.

Independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley has emerged from her latest trip to Syria burning with a new kind of fire. There’s something in her voice and the posture she now takes which conveys a new kind of authority, a sense that she has now seen enough and gathered enough evidence to observe unmasked the full picture of this monster of deceit she’s been fighting.

In her recent phenomenal interview on The Sane Progressive, Beeley shreds the entire work of fiction we’re being fed, from small details which show that the “White Helmets” are literally nothing other than Al-Qaeda members wearing special hats, to a breakdown of the way NGOs are used by government foundations and plutocrats to help construct propaganda narratives, all the way up to a big-picture analysis of the general unwholesome dynamic that gave rise to these despicable manipulations in the first place.

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MSM shows Israel supporting ISIS: Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone – but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?

Talmudic Israeli Mossad (and CIA) is behind ISIS to topple Assad in Syria for their Greater Israel and world domination project.

“..the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly ‘deal with the devil’ – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.

MSM tells the story:

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How Kurds Disarmed Assyrian Christian Then Abandoned Them To #ISIS

How Kurds Disarmed Assyrian Christian Then Abandoned Them To #ISIS

(1 min video) Chuck Baldwin: This Is NOT American Exceptionalism

79,000 bombs!

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Message Highlight – This Is NOT American Exceptionalism

Roger Stone: The CIA’s Legacy of Lies

The CIA’s Legacy of Lies

April 30, 2017

By Roger stone

The recent announcement that the Trump Justice Department is considering indicting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for release and publication of materials obtained by federal whistle blowers is contrary to the position of President Donald Trump who said, “I love WikiLeaks”, during the Fall campaign.

As I wrote last week the troubling comments made by Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo could be a troubling sign that the same intelligence agency involved an illegal leaking of surveillance regarding General Flynn is out to destabilize President Trump.

These damn agencies lead the charge for the limited air strike in Syria and worked with their allies in the military to push the president to put 150,000 troops in Syria. They are also responsible for the leak to the NYT on Jan 20 on which Washington Post Reports that Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Carter Page were all subject to NSA ordered FBI surveillance. There is no evidence that either Stone or Manafort colluded with the Russian State.

The absurd denunciation of Wikileaks, which he, like Donald Trump, had previously been praised by our new Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, compounds the agency’s determination that Assad had conducted a chemical attack in Syria, which led to the launching of a cruise missile attack that took the lives of innocent women and children, an ironic outcome, given it was launched because of his desire to protect the lives of innocent women and children.

Syria had surrendered its stockpile of chemical weapons in 2013, following an earlier “false flag” attack, where their removal was verified by an agency of the UN. The CIA failed to distinguish between dropping a chemical bomb (which does not appear to have happened) and dropping a bomb on chemical compounds (which appear to have replaced the conventional munitions that were stored there). This looks like a classic case of “bait and switch”!

Acting on faulty intelligence endorsed by Director Pompeo, the President has now violated international law, the UN Charter and the War Powers Agreement with Congress. While he has won praise from hawks on both sides of the aisle, who have denounced him in the past, and been lauded by the mainstream media, which holds him in contempt, the foreign policy of his campaign increasingly appears to have been overtaken by the neocon agenda.

The competence of Wikileaks, which has yet to release even one inauthentic email, compares very favorably with the performance of the CIA, which neither anticipated the collapse of the Soviet Union or the “terrorist attack” of 9/11. But not only is the public shortchanged by an agency that all-too-often misses either the boat or gets things wrong, its operations around the world have gone far beyond the scope of its charter. The agency is out of control.


(audio) James Perloff: Bombing Syria UnMasked Trump BIGTIME – 14 Points

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 James Perloff: Bombing Syria UnMasked Trump BIGTIME