US Military Knows Israel Does False Flags! – Of the Mossad, SAMS officers: “Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act”


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U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study

By – The Washington Times – Monday, September 10, 2001

An elite U.S. Army study center has devised a plan for enforcing a major Israeli-Palestinian peace accord that would require about 20,000 well-armed troops stationed throughout Israel and a newly created Palestinian state. …

But a 68-page paper by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) does provide a look at the daunting task any international peacekeeping force would face if the United Nations authorized it, and Israel and the Palestinians ever reached a peace agreement.

Located at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., the School for Advanced Military Studies is both a training ground and a think tank for some of the Army’s brightest officers. Officials say the Army chief of staff, and sometimes the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ask SAMS to develop contingency plans for future military operations. During the 1991 Persian Gulf war, SAMS personnel helped plan the coalition ground attack that avoided a strike up the middle of Iraqi positions and instead executed a “left hook” that routed the enemy in 100 hours.

The cover page for the recent SAMS project said it was done for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But Maj. Chris Garver, a Fort Leavenworth spokesman, said the study was not requested by Washington.

“This was just an academic exercise,” said Maj. Garver. “They were trying to take a current situation and get some training out of it.”

The exercise was done by 60 officers dubbed “Jedi Knights,” as all second-year SAMS students are nicknamed.

The SAMS paper attempts to predict events in the first year of a peace-enforcement operation, and sees possible dangers for U.S. troops from both sides.

It calls Israel’s armed forces a “500-pound gorilla in Israel. Well armed and trained. Operates in both Gaza . Known to disregard international law to accomplish mission. Very unlikely to fire on American forces. Fratricide a concern especially in air space management.”

Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

Talmudic Israel’s Dirty Little Secret – How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

Talmudic ‘Israel’ runs the US, and most evangelicals would consider this a good thing, as most pastors refuse to even investigate what’s really going on — how we’re actually doing Satan’s bidding instead of being led by the HOLY Spirit.

“Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once boasted about owning the United States. I guess he was right.”


(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of obeying Christ: “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” • God’s words to ABRAHAM, “I will bless them that bless thee…” (Gen. 12:3) does NOT refer to the modern state of Israel

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They [pastors] were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning”

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Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

Rabbi Shlomo Mlmad, the chairman of the so-called Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements, called on settlers to poison Palestinians through their water supply, which came to light by the Israeli organization ‘Breaking the Silence’.

Group member Yehuda Shaul said, according to WAFA, that the aim behind poisoning water in the West Bank is to push Palestinians out of their towns and cities in order to allow settlers to take over Palestinian lands.

The ministry of foreign affairs said, in a press release, that Palestinians have grown used to Israelis stealing from their water sources then selling it back to them. Recently, Israeli authorities cut off water supplies from the northern cities of the West Bank during the hottest days of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset.

While Israel continues to pose multiple restrictions on Palestinians who try to dig water wells, this call by Rabbi Mlmad is considered a crime against humanity because it targets humans, animals, crops and all forms of life in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

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Israel: Women Allowed to Lie by Law – Father Suicide Epidemic • ‘No exit’ order • Children disappeared, organs harvested – Marianne Azizi on What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 6/21/17

The Talmud is destroying Israelis too!

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Many frustrated fathers commit suicide.

It’s a crime to talk about anything that happened in family court.

‘No exit’ order — you can’t leave the country

Children disappeared and organs harvested

Children put on psych drugs

2:08:30 “You are paying for the murder of people in Israel. You are paying for the corruption in Israel.”

Marianne Azizi starts @ 1:31:00

What Really Happened: Michael (Mike) Rivero Wednesday 6/21/17: Today’s News Talk Show

THE PRACTICE OF RITUAL DEFAMATION — Not merely revenge, also to create an example so others will know of the savaging they can expect for stepping out of line

From: Fredrick Töben’s blog


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How Values, Opinions and Beliefs are controlled in Democratic Societies

By Laird Wilcox, 1990

Defamation is the destruction or attempted destruction of reputation, status, character or standing in the community of a person or group of persons by wrongful, unfair, or malicious speech or publication. For the purpose of this essay, the central element is defamation in retaliation for the real or imagined attitude, opinions or beliefs of the victim, with the intention of silencing them and neutralizing his or her influence, and/or making an example of them so as to discourage similar independence and “insensitivity” or non-observance of taboos. It is different in nature and degree from simple criticism or disagreement in that it is aggressive, organized and skilfully applied, often by an organization or representative of a special interest group, and in that it consists of several characteristic elements.

Ritual” defamation is not ritualistic because it neither follows any prescribed religious or mystical doctrine nor is it embraced in any particular scripture. Rather, it is ritualistic because it follows a predictable, stereotyped pattern which embraces a number of typical elements, as in a ritual.

The Elements of a Ritual Defamation are these:

1. In a ritual defamation the victim must have violated a particular taboo in some way, usually by expressing or identifying with a forbidden attitude, opinion or belief. It is not necessary that he “do” anything about it or undertake any course of action, only that he engages in some form of communication or expression.

2. The method of attack in a ritual defamation is to assail the character of the victim, and never to offer more than a perfunctory challenge to the particular attitudes, opinions or beliefs expressed or implied. Character assassination is its primary tool.

3. And important rule is to avoid engaging in honest debate over the truthfulness or reasonableness of what has been expressed, only condemn it. To debate opens the issue up for examination and discussion on its merit, which is just what the ritual defamer is trying to avoid. The primary goal is Censorship and Repression.

4. The victim is very often someone in the public eye, although perhaps only in a modest way. It could be a school teacher, a writer, a businessman, a minor official, or merely an outspoken citizen. Visibility enhances vulnerability to ritual defamation.

5. An attempt, often successful, is made to involve others in the defamation. In the case of a public official, other public officials will be urged to denounce the offender. In the case of a student, other students will be called upon, and so on.

6. In order for a ritual defamation to be effective, the victim must be dehumanized to the extent that he becomes identical with the offending attitude, opinion or belief, and in a manner which distorts it to the point where it appears at its most extreme. For example, a victim who is defamed as a “subversive” will be identified with the worst images of subversion, such as espionage or treason. A victim defamed as a “pervert” will be identified with the worst images of perversion, including child molestation. A victim defamed as a “racist” or “Anti-Semitic” will be identified with the worst images of racism or anti-Semitism, such as lynching’s or gas chambers, and so on.

7. Also to be successful, a ritual defamation must bring pressure and humiliation from every quarter, including family and friends, who may begin to shun him. If the victim has school children, they may be taunted and ridiculed as a consequence of adverse publicity. If he is employed, he may be fired from his job.

8. Anyone who defends a victim runs the risk of being associated with him and similarly defamed. Even if their own reputation is beyond question, their judgment or involvement with the victim may become an issue. Often, the victim of a ritual defamation becomes isolated and abandoned.

9. Any explanation the victim may offer, including the claim of being misunderstood, is considered irrelevant. To claim truth as a defence is interpreted as unrepentance and only compounds the problem. Ritual defamation is not necessarily an offence of being wrong or incorrect, but rather “insensitivity” and failing to observe social taboos.

10. Many victims succumb early on and go through a “confessional” stage complete with apologies and remorse. They may even denounce friends associated with the forbidden values, opinions and beliefs, or claim that they were “duped”, as was the case with many suspected “subversives” during the McCarthy era. If the charges against them involved “morals”, they may claim stress or mental illness as a defense.

11. The viciousness of ritual defamation is inspired not merely by revenge, although that is an important factor, but also to create an example so others will know of the savaging they can expect for stepping out of line. Ritual defamation is an important means of social control.

12. An interesting aspect of ritual defamation is its universality. It is not specific to any particular value, opinion or belief or to any group or subculture. It may be used either for or against any political, ethnic or religious minority and also by any political, ethnic or religious minority.

13. Ritual defamation often appears in paradoxical forms, as in the case of organizations claiming to oppose defamation itself, even using the term “anti-defamation” in their name. Psychologically, this may represent a projective mechanism, in which the organization attempts to camouflage its own propensities in the form of an official myth, a kind of agreed-upon fiction that perfumes its actual activities, which are often transparently evident from its publications.

14. The power of ritual defamation lies entirely in its capacity to intimidate. It embraces some elements of primitive superstitious belief, as in a “curse” or “hex”. It also plays on the subconscious fear most people have of being rejected by the “tribe” and being cut off from social and psychological support systems. Only the truly courageous and independent person can withstand the full force of a ritual defamation, and occasionally they may even survive such an attempt relatively unscathed.

15. The weak points of ritual defamation lie in its tendency towards overkill and in its rather transparent maliciousness. Occasionally, a ritual defamation will fail because of inadequate planning and failure to correctly estimate the vulnerability of the victim. Ritual defamers often exhibit extensive projective mechanisms and delusions of persecution themselves. Although it may appear to be an offensive manoeuvre, it’s actually quite defensive in nature. As Eric Hoffer said: ‘You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you’.

16. Paradoxically, a ritual defamation often brings about the very values, opinions and beliefs that it condemns, as in a self-fulfilling prophecy. It enhances paranoia and hatred and generally serves to divide and alienate. It hardens positions and polarizes a situation as nothing else can. A person accused of supporting a particular belief may find themselves propelled into that position. Politically, for example, it’s quite effective in creating rebels and dissidents. It has been used in various forms by dictatorships and totalitarian systems all through history. In democratic societies it has become a favourite tool of special interest groups to vilify and neutralize their critics and opponents.

It is important to recognize and identify the pattern of a ritual defamation and call attention to it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Ritual defamation is accomplished entirely through the manipulation of language and symbols, and when one understands that then it becomes recognized for the hypocritical, slanderous assault on human dignity that it really is.

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Monika Schaffer: A Year and a Day – after releasing “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” — “The truth will set you free” is really true • We are at the core of the peace movement • Lies and deceptions are what bring us wars and turmoil • Remember the Mossad motto: “By way of Deception, thou shall do war” • If their power did not depend on us being asleep they would not be in such a panic when some of us wake up


a Year and a Day

Posted by 

It is the one year anniversary since I went through a door. I was very well aware that once through this door, there was no going back. My life changed on June 17th, 2016, with the release of the “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” video….

Though I had a sense of a serious transition in my life, I really had no idea what would follow. The intensity of reaction, both positive and negative, took my breath away. The video was translated with subtitles into 3 languages within the first 4 days. Spanishswedish and french. A transcript was made. The view count shot up. Within a month there were 60,000 views, and currently it has over 133,000 views on one channel alone only in English.

Apparently the video struck a chord. Who would have guessed it would resonate with so many people? Many have had similar experiences as I did – reproaching or resenting their parents for being part of a generation of monsters, only to find out that everything had been turned on its head. For those who reached similar conclusions as I had reached after much research, there was deep gratitude, relief and appreciation for the simple message in my video.

For those still stuck in the matrix of lies, the video came as a shock and surprise. For those whose identity and interests were threatened, I became a grave threat and was pronounced the enemy. I learned all about Ritual Defamation in a town which boasts tolerance, inclusiveness, and “embraces diversity”. …

I wonder how many of my former friends took even twenty minutes, or perhaps three hours of their lives to view one or two or all three of the recommended videos at the end of my 6 minute video, before throwing away our friendship. Why would they not want to look into why I was making controversial statements which went contrary to everything we have been told all our lives about “the holocaust”? Do they really believe that I had suddenly lost my mind? Or were they afraid of what they might learn?

Many have told me outright that they will not discuss this topic, they refuse to look at it, refuse to debate it, refuse to question anything about it which would run contrary to what we have been told all our lives. It seems clear to me that this refusal to even look is the result of the psychological warfare that has been conducted against us. Do the weaponized words frighten us into submission? Does it make sense to ostrasize and shun a dissenter while refusing to look into the subject?

Why would there need to be laws to defend their holocaust if it really happened? They could show the evidence instead. Only lies need to be protected by laws. If the event was so rock-solid like they always tell us it is, they would not fear investigation. To me, the existence of laws against questioning “the holocaust” is enough to tell me there is something wrong with the story. I can never understand the mentality of people who tell me “you see Monika, the laws prove that you are wrong!” instead of recognizing the absurdity of the need for a law to protect a story.

It strikes me that real genocides are suppressed while the fictitional one is stoked up with a fury which seems to grow stronger every year. Real genocides such as the Holodomor are hardly known while Jewish “holocaust studies” are becoming mandatory curriculum in many places around the world.

This short introductory video to the “Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust” website is one of the so-called crimes which caused Professor Anthony Hall to be suspended from his tenured position at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.

No Regrets

The old saying “the truth will set you free” is really true. In spite of some hardships, I have a deep sense of peace and serenity. This stems from the clarity in my mind and heart and soul, that I have truth on my side. We are at the core of the peace movement when we seek to tell the truth. Lies and deceptions are what bring us wars and turmoil. Remember the Mossad motto: By way of Deception, thou shall do war.

There are “red-pilled” people everywhere. That I have learned for sure, as I have heard from many of them. They are in every little town, village and hamlet. The people are waking up in droves, every single day. This awakening is explosive. There is no doubt in my mind that truth and light will prevail.

The fact that there is such a ferocious attempt to stifle dissent proves that Jewish Power depends on mass deception. An awakening will destroy that power. Why else would they need to silence anyone who steps out of line? Why else would they feel so threatened by truth revealers, if their power did not depend on keeping the people deceived, deluded, distracted and demoralized? If their power did not depend on us being asleep, they would not be in such a panic when some of us wake up.

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(video) Breaking The Spell (of the ‘Holocaust’) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom — “The greatest lie ever told is disintegrating in our time. It will be a Copernican revolution!”

I’ve watched hundreds of videos on the ‘Holocaust,’ and have published many. This is one of my favorites, by a scientist/scholar, former professor — very clearly laid out truths here!

The ‘Holocaust’ myth is like a spell that has put multitudes into a trance!

An extensive interview with scientist Nicholas Kollerstrom (2008) on his book “Breaking the Spell” published by Castle Hill Publications. Here, Dr. Kollerstrom talks about the persecution and isolation that he has suffered after the publication of his book. (CODOH)

Sadly, since this interview, Nick’s book has now been banned by Amazon, along with about 100 other true-history titles: (video) Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed – Author Nick Kollerstrom

“The greatest lie ever told is disintegrating in our time, and we’ve got to help it disintegrate. And it will be a Copernican revolution when that does fall apart.” – Nick Kollerstrom @ 36:30

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Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom interviewed by Kevin West


Published on Jul 14, 2015