(vid) Molyneux: A FINAL PLEA FOR PEACE — “This has to stop!”

At about minute-15, Stefan explains how many US soldiers wouldn’t shoot the ‘enemy’ during WWII, so their soul wasn’t seared, unlike those who did shoot in Vietnam and our recent wars.

After WWII, the “Full Metal Jacket,” dehumanizing, mind-control, boot camp model was implemented so future soldiers’ humanity would break, so they would shoot to kill without hesitation.

Western media hides the horrors from our eyes, so we don’t see our soldiers maiming and killing men, women and children through our wars.

But they do see exactly what we do to them.

Enraged at us, we then accept them into our country, and this is going to turn out terribly.

Stefan then gives a heartfelt plea to Donald Trump to stop this warmongering. Stefan ponders how a few people can decide whether we live or die, if they push the nuclear button.

“This has to stop!”

• • •


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