Our Society is the Sick One – Not Syria’s | Interesting Facts About Syria

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Our Society is the Sick One – Not Syria’s

When you read the facts below about Syrian society, you might wonder why the U.S. is so hostile to it. This hostility to the government of Syria can only be explained by realizing that our society is the sick one – not Syria’s.

We are the nation that has been engaged for 17 years in a fraudulent War on Terror based on unproven allegations about the unsolved crime of 9/11. Our nation has spent trillions of dollars waging war against countries that had nothing to do with 9/11, while we lavish praise and money on the one nation that is most deeply involved in the false-flag terror attacks – Israel.

It is our nation that has been tricked into several wars based on lies and fabrications: Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria. We have been fooled repeatedly into attacking Israel’s enemies (e.g. Iraq and Syria) and allowed our diminishing national wealth to be plundered fighting wars in countries where we have no national interest.

Our own president recently complained that we have wasted $7 trillion in 17 years fighting the War on Terror in the Middle East and that we have gotten nothing for it – as he led a new military attack on Syria based on nothing but unproven allegations – once again.

So, ask yourself, who is the sick one here? Them, or us?

Interesting facts about #Syria..

“•The Assad family belongs to the tolerant Islam of Alawid orientation.
• Syrian women have the same rights as men to study, health and education.
• Syria women are not forced to wear the burqa. The Sharia (Islamic law) is unconstitutional.
• Syria is the only Arab country with a secular constitution and does not tolerate Islamic extremist movements.
• Roughly 10% of the Syrian population belongs to one of the many Christian denominations, all fully integrated in Syrian political and social life.
• In other Arab countries the Christian population is less than 1% due to sustained hostility.
• Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds, stating his decision was made in order “to preserve human health,”
• Syria has an opening to Western society and culture like no other Arab country.
• Its media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in things. This means that they fully grasp the fact that real power in the West lies not in the White House but rather with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks and central banks.
• Throughout history there have been five popes of Syrian origin. Religious tolerance is unique in the area.
• Prior to the current civil war, Syria was one of the only peaceful countries in the area, having avoided major wars or internal conflicts.
• Syria was the only country that admitted Iraqi refugees without any social, political or religious discrimination
• Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and the Israel government.
• Following a massive oil find in Syria’s Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, Netanyahu recently asked Obama to recognize its annexation of the territory. To consolidate its hold, plans are afoot to quadruple Israeli settler numbers to 100,000.

And the most two important points:

• Syria is one of the only countries in the Middle East without debts to the International Monetary Fund ( Pre-invasion Libya & Iran the only others )
• Syria is the only Mediterranean country which remains the owner of its oil company, with an oil reserve of 2,500 million barrels, the operation of which has avoided privatization and is reserved exclusively for state-owned enterprises.

So now ask yourself, why are we truly attempting to overthrow yet another government? What are we hoping to fix here?

If the recent invasions and illegal assassinations of Presidents like Qaddafi and Saddam have taught us anything, it should be the understanding of the blowback effect of such lawless actions by the West and the vacuum of chaos that always supersedes it.

Debt Conquer. Invent a reason to invade and destroy, then offer $Trillions in IMF funding to rebuild… conveniently paid back by control of your oil fields and the free access to build gas pipelines to the west.” #SyriaHoax

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(vid) Molyneux: A FINAL PLEA FOR PEACE — “This has to stop!”

At about minute-15, Stefan explains how many US soldiers wouldn’t shoot the ‘enemy’ during WWII, so their soul wasn’t seared, unlike those who did shoot in Vietnam and our recent wars.

After WWII, the “Full Metal Jacket,” dehumanizing, mind-control, boot camp model was implemented so future soldiers’ humanity would break, so they would shoot to kill without hesitation.

Western media hides the horrors from our eyes, so we don’t see our soldiers maiming and killing men, women and children through our wars.

But they do see exactly what we do to them.

Enraged at us, we then accept them into our country, and this is going to turn out terribly.

Stefan then gives a heartfelt plea to Donald Trump to stop this warmongering. Stefan ponders how a few people can decide whether we live or die, if they push the nuclear button.

“This has to stop!”

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